Bloodborne Kart To Be ‘Scrubbed’ Of Bloodborne Branding After Sony Intervention

Bloodborne Kart To Be ‘Scrubbed’ Of Bloodborne Branding After Sony Intervention

Bloodborne Kart, the “meme made real” racing game originally planned as riff off FromSoftware’s Bloodborne, will now become an original game after Sony contacted developer Lilith Walther regarding the title. 

“WHELP. IT HAPPENED. Sony contacted me,” Walther said in a post on X (formerly Twitter). “Long story short I need to scrub the branding off of what was previously known as Bloodborne Kart, which we will do. But that requires a short delay. Don’t worry, the game is still coming out! It’ll just look slightly different.”

Walther said “we were all expecting this to happen so we could be pleasantly surprised if it didn’t,” and expressed excitement that they would now have “full creative control…this is a fan game no more!”

Previously, the three-person development team behind Bloodborne Kart outlined a single-player campaign, boss fights, local splitscreen, and a competitive battle mode alongside 16 tracks and 12 playable racers. While these tracks were originally set “on the streets of Yharnam and beyond,” and the planned racers included Lady Maria, this setback means we’ll likely see a big change to remove all references to Bloodborne.

This isn’t Walther’s first time delving into the world of Bloodborne, having previously created Bloodborne PSX, a fan-made PS1 “demake” of the 2015 RPG. Bloodborne Kart sprung from an April Fool’s joke announcement, but the internet’s reaction was enough to inspire Walther to actually follow through with developing the game for real.

Bloodborne Kart was originally planned to launch on 31 January this year, however given the need to remove all Bloodborne intellectual property from the game, it’s now going to be slightly delayed – with Walther promising fans she would keep them updated when a new release date was decided upon. Whatever the new iteration (and name) of Bloodborne Kart is, the internet seems pretty keen to get amongst the gothic racing game whenever it’s ready to launch.

Image: Lilith Walther

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