Bloodborne Fans Go Hog Wild After Sony Tweets Zoomed-In Picture Of A Hunter

Bloodborne Fans Go Hog Wild After Sony Tweets Zoomed-In Picture Of A Hunter

Earlier this morning, Sony tweeted what appeared to be an up-close picture of the box art of the beloved FromSoftware title Bloodborne. It was supposed to be a fun little social media game. Guess which game this tiny little slice of box art is from! It’s a little Halloween post, folks! Bloodborne is a spooky game full of spooky guys!

Bloodborne fans, of course, understood the post for the benign, Halloween-themed engagement driver that it was.

Just kidding! They identified the hat of the Hunter in about three seconds flat, hyperventilated, racked up thousands of likes in a matter of hours, screamed in the comments about wanting a 60 frames per second update, and began insisting the game was making a comeback. So intense was the fan response to the tweet that Bloodborne started trending on Twitter (again).

Sony deleted the tweet.

In fairness to the fans, this is the first time in god knows how long that Sony has openly acknowledged the game’s existence. A fan-favourite since its release, Bloodborne has never leapt to other platforms beyond the PS4. It has never received any performance updates for the PS4 Pro, nor the PS5. Modders and hackers have torn the game apart and can see how easy it would be to apply these basic updates to extend the life of the game, and yet it languishes.

Bloodborne is a curious case, and it always has been. FromSoftware’s most popular titles, like the Dark Souls trilogy, Sekiro and Elden Ring are all available on multiple platforms, including the PC. They can be run at 60 frames a second for lower input latency. And yet, Bloodborne has, seemingly, been left to languish. No sequels. No ports. No upgrades. And this silence has contributed to utter mania among fans, who, starved for information, now cling to even the most tenuous of hints like a life raft.

And, at this point, you would think that Sony would know better than to poke the Bloodborne bear. Perhaps, in time, the fans will find their faith rewarded with a sequel or a remake. For now, it exists only as one of the greatest games in the PlayStation 4 library, and a button you can press to make a very specific subsection of Twitter flip out any time you want.

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