Heroes Of The Storm Has Some Great 420 No Scope Moments

Sgt. Hammer is Heroes of the Storm's version of the classic siege tank unit from StarCraft. Unlike the original piece of Terran artillery, Hammer can fire a giant rocket across the map. This makes for some excellent "skill shot" moments in Blizzard's up-and-coming MOBA.

I put "skill shot" in "scare quotes" because I'm not convinced this excellent Sgt. Hammer attack captured by YouTuber DanTheSupreme (via Reddit) actually took serious skill to pull off. But I'll be honest: if I was the one who did it, I'd probably be sounding a very different tune.

You've gotta admire the way Hammer's super-rocket takes out Murky:

Heroes Of The Storm Has Some Great 420 No Scope Moments

...and then continues onward to take out Murky's eggs:

Heroes Of The Storm Has Some Great 420 No Scope Moments

Murky's eggs are the special tool that gives the frog-like Heroes character the incredibly handy ability to respawn at locations other than the main base during a game, meaning he can jump right back into battle after dying. So killing Murky and taking his eggs out with a single shot? It's like Hammer was saying "nope" to any attempt at a comeback by lining up a perfect shot.

Heroes Of The Storm Has Some Great 420 No Scope Moments

Kudos to YouTuber zorberema for turning this devastating moment into the 420 No Scope montage it was destined to become:

I'm calling it now: Sgt Hammer's giant rocket attack is gonna be the first genuine troll move once Heroes of the Storm comes out next month.


    It's the worst when they upgrade it to repeat itself. You basically end up with this massive rocket of doom looping through the map every 30 seconds.

      And there's no way to defend against it once they start spamming it onto your core...

    Lol that's brilliant; Murky + Egg in one shot; couldnt have asked for a better outcome!

    It's such a weak utli compared to the napalm strike though which has huge offensive power and low cool down.

    And if you hammer is getting the upgradded BFG at 20 instead of Nexus Frenzy, your Hammer is crap and probably shouldn't play Hammer.

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