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Video: Deckard Cain might not be a powerful hero of the Blizzard universe, but still, Diablo's fan favourite NPC is one of the most wanted characters for Heroes of the Storm. Carbot made an awesome animation playing with the idea of what the wise old man could do in a MOBA.


All the playable classes of Diablo III have already got a Heroes of the Storm version, except the Wizard. But those days are over. The Wizard, called Li-Ming, is the next hero joining the ever-growing roster of Heroes of the Storm.


Video: Heroes of the Storm's latest playable character might be a wolf, but only sometimes. Greymane, Lord of the Worgen can swap between a ranged human assassin and a melee werewolf, with abilities that take advantage of his dual nature. Also, he would like a keg of beer.


Fresh off Heroes of the Storm's Americas Championship games that went down this past weekend, Blizzard teased out some fresh MEAT content coming into the MOBA. Seems to me like the developer has really stepped up its game for alternate character skins lately.


Video: Heroes of the Storm just put out a spotlight for the upcoming Warcraft character Rexxar. I love the idea of adding a beastmaster -- I mean, there's already one in Dota 2. Allowing you to manage a bunch of different animals seems like a logical next step from all the summoning-heavy specialists already in HOTS.