That’s How You Fill A Room With 250,000 LEGO Pieces

That’s How You Fill A Room With 250,000 LEGO Pieces

Here’s the basement of architect Jeffrey Pelletier and every LEGO collector’s dream. It has 153 bins and 189 drawers full of bricks, all sorted and organised by type and colour.

Houzz TV took a tour with the owner, who shows some of his custom buildings decorating the room (good to see the pieces are not just collecting dust!). We also get a look at what’s inside of these containers. It’s really impressive, and even tiny LEGO food has its own storage space.


  • *breaks out prophet voice*
    And man forever wore shoes wherever he so went within the house.

  • *drools* That is amazzzzing. I have my lego Sushi train, but I want to revamp my lego pirate ship as it’s looking a little sad and dusty these days!

  • yeah, that’s cool and all… but I don’t think a shag carpet is the best choice in there

  • I also have a Lego room with a modular street, UCS cabinets, etc, but this guy… he’s like Will Ferell from the Lego Movie. This would be my dream set-up.

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