The Witcher 3's Priscilla Sure Is Multilingual

In addition to being a massive game, The Witcher 3 was also a massive localisation project. CD Projekt Red mixed up seven different languages into a particlularly touching bard scene, in which you're introduced to Priscilla.

Having played through the scene and heard the song in English, I actually like the multi-language version better. The lyrics aren't bad, just not incredible, and there's that whole effect of not knowing the words making it seem better. If I ever learn the translation of Macarena, it'll ruin it for me.

Youtube user Kalmaved was kind enough to provide timecodes are all the languages.

English — 1:03 German — 1:17 Japanese — 1:35 Polish — 1:54 French — 2:20 Portuguese — 2:46 Russian — 3:17

This video contains all the languages that are fully voiced in the game, while eight other languages are included as subtitles.


    Is that the same person singing? I speak 3 of the languages (including English obviously) and she nails the accents pretty well.

    Also the French version is the best!

    Last edited 27/05/15 10:56 am

      I really can't tell -- one or two of them might be different

    Witnessed this in my game yesterday, and it completely blew me away. Might sound silly, but the way she locks her feet together is some of the best mocap work I've ever seen. It's the best shot in a series of already great shots that terrifically build up the scene. Other details like the guy outside stopping to listen, and the camera cutting back to him a while later... bar-raising material.

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