This Is What The Witcher 3 Looks Like On The PS4

The Witcher 3 is going to look good. I think we're all vaguely aware of that. What will it look like on consoles compared to the big bad beefy PC version? That remains to be seen.

PlayStation in Poland has just released a first look at the PS4 version of The Witcher and — lo and behold — it still looks spectacular.

Worthy of note: this game has great hair.


    What gets me is that the trees generally seem to be moving as if caught in a gale, while the hair moves very little, if at all, except in response to the character's movement. Hope they turn down the tree spasms via a day one patch!

      I agree, some of the tree animations are ridiculous. The one he rides by at 14 secs looks like it's made of hollow plastic and has a fan blowing up the center.

        You guys should play Tree Simulator on Steam.

        Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man!

      Yeah.. this was something I remember from another game as being annoying.. I want to say Risen.. but not sure.. either way, it was very annoying.. everything looked peaceful and calm elsewhere and the soundscape projected that feeling of calm and then you turn around and look at a tree and it's like there is a gale force wind blowing... really broke the immersion.

    The edges of the water look nice.. but it gets very dark, very quickly and way too blue.. other than that everything looks great.

      I was going to say the water looked pretty rubbish. I remember seeing puddles in the water in the swamps specifically on the previously released videos, I hope that's still in there for PS4.

    I don't really get why this is generating so much hype, but then I never got around to buying Witcher II. I bought the first on a steam sale and barely got past the tutorial before being bored to death by the horrible clunky combat.

      The combat in 1 was awful but 2 was quite a large improvement. I guess people hope they make as big an improvement between 2 and 3?

      2 fixed all the issues everyone had with 1's combat. As much as I enjoyed the first one, it, like Assassin's Creed or Uncharted, you can skip if you want to get to the better sequel.

      I wouldn't badmouth The Witcher too much around these parts. It's almost as heinous a crime as criticising Dark Souls.

      I figured II must of been a big improvement given how bad the first one was. I guess I'll hang on for the next Steam Sale

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