The Witcher 3 Sure Is Pretty

It's hard to discern much about how The Witcher 3 plays, or whether it will feel as grand as it looks, or whether the combat is any good. But there's one thing we can tell from this new gameplay footage: The Witcher 3 — out in February for PS4/Xbox One/PC — sure is pretty.

I mean, look at that grass. That is some hot grass. Check out that water. Try not to gasp as you see how it ripples. Look at those faces! Fun fact: it took 4000 people to animate Geralt's hair.


    So pretty. I'm hoping my PC can handle it. Running 1440p and don't want to upgrade my 670 SLI yet.

    Just have enough juice to run Witcher 2 on 60fps

      your 670 should be fine, i mean its not like you are using a 5 year old card

        Yeah I was struggling to run Witcher 2 on a single 670 1440p so I picked a second up not long after.

        I should probably be able to run low/medium fine on witcher 3 but I'd like a little bit more performance than that.

    Its scary how much money I'm willing to drop on my PC to have this game running at a min of 60fps on max settings

    Its cool when you buy a console game you only have to buy the game.

      It is nice. But I think a lot of PC gamers enjoy the "challenge" for lack of a better word.

      I mean they built this with their own hands and it's rewarding to see it pay off and work.

      Is it also cool to play brand new games that look 5 years old?

    The Nvidia 800 series can't come soon enough.

    Game looks amazing, so excited for it! wish it was still coming out this year but at least it will mean a more polished game hopefully

    Environments look gorgeous and there’s plenty to be excited about in this trailer. But the facial models are a little disappointing tbh. I guess I was expecting LA Noire level faces would start to become a standard by now?

      LA Noire also sent the studio who made it bankrupt. In all fairness there was a lot of management issues surrounding that place at no fault of the actual developers but I can't imagine the facial capture tech being cheap and thus probably helped make the financial mismanagement worse. So that's probably your reason why it's not standard.

    i just got a 4k monitor, ima gonna need a second 780 to power this at 2140p...

    Have you got a link to the 4000 people needed to animate hair stat?
    CD Projekt Red has about 230 employees... where did 4000 come from?

      That was exactly my question! Does he even have that many strands of hair modelled onto his head????

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