What Exactly Is A Witcher Anyway?

Xbox 360 gamers around the world are eagerly anticipating their chance to get in on this whole The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, but does anyone really know what a Witcher is? Of course they do, and after you watch this video so will you.

The more accurate answer is that a Witcher is a fictional creation by Polish fantasy author Andrzej Sapkowski that's been so popular over there it's been a comic book, television series, a major motion picture, and, of course, a pair of award-winning PC role-playing games.

This video represents the more fictional (and thus more entertaining) answer to the question.

Pretty damn witchy, right?


    So is a witcher something from actual mythology? like how greeks had the minotaur for example

      No. Actually the term witcher was used by CD Projekt Red when they made the first game - the term 'hexer' was used in the TV series, film & comic. The Polish name is wiedźmin, which I gather was made up so doesn't have an exact translation.

        Actually, the word Witcher was used in all the English translations of the novels to date. The game releases didn't introduce the term.

          Hmm, good point. The English translations came out a few months before the game. Not sure who picked the term first, but the books certainly got out on the streets first.

        As a Polish person I can tell you the English translation for wiedźmin is infact witcher. The game developers used the the proper name over Hexer as it is the proper translation.

        Also witcher are apart of slavic mythology (so countries like Polish, Russian and etc).


    Were we ever given an exact reason why this wasn't going to hit the PS3? Seems like missed revenue to me; I've got the first on my laptop, but this thing could never run the sequel, which I'd love to play...

      The time and money required to adapt the game to PS3 would be too costly for a small, independent studio. The expense would put them in the red and by the time it was done it would be more than a year old. Even the relatively simple PC to 360 conversion took them a long time.

        Just looked into it more - supposedly there's still an interest there, but a) they only work on one thing at a time, and b) they (rightfully) feel they'd need another studio to help them with the PS3 conversion.

        So yeah, ultimately I suspect you'll end up being right - highly doubtful they'd fork out more money to get another studio to help them port an 18 month old game, which, by the time it hits the system, will be two years old. Unless the 360 version mysteriously does gangbusters, I'll have to wait until I update my laptop in like four years time.

        Will still drop by my local Dick Smith tomorrow in the hopes that I'll be able to grab one of the two copies of Witcher 2 Premium that they have there.

    Xbox 360 gamers around the world are... reading this in the xbox section. Nope.avi

      Eh, it's a bug with the Kotaku classification system. If they select multiple platforms in the classification thing (as this article affects Xbox360 AND PC), It automatically goes to the PC section. If this is the greatest injustice done to you this week, you should be happy.

    As a major fan and supporter of witcher.
    Am I the only person getting the on xbox as an excuse to play through it all again?

      Yes. The rest of us are waiting for the free pc patches.


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