This Isn’t A Manga Drawing

This Isn’t A Manga Drawing

This may look like a black and white manga drawing. But, no, it’s a three-dimensional figure with a custom paint job.

Previously, Kotaku profiled Japanese figure maker mumumuno53 (here and here). Those earlier works were in living colour, but his latest effort evokes black and white. From nearly every angle, the custom paint job makes the figure appear drawn.

This is a Revoltech collectable of the Powered Armour from the Starship Troopers anime (you can see the original here). Studio Nue did this particular design.

Check out photos from mumumuno53’s site:


Pictures: mumumuno53


  • Most anime mech and armour designs are quite sleek, but this is just clumsy and awkward. In then novel, the suits are an extension of the MI’s body; powerful like a gorilla, but soft and yielding like a nerf ball, articulate enough to handle an egg without cracking.

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