Dog Newscasters Are The Best Newscasters

Dog Newscasters Are the Best Newscasters

You know, this is kind of like doge meets the evening news. In Japan, 7-Eleven's banking service, fittingly called Seven Bank, has a series of short ads starring a dog-in-a-suit with the punny name, Shibao Inuyama.

The spots might be for a credit card loan, but it kinda reminds me of that serious Japanese news show that has a cat.

GIF: I am Dog


    Ah Japan and their dogs... The Softbank dog ads are crazy. They have like... an ongoing drama unfolding over half-minute clips changing every few months, over several years. Apparently he's the patriarch of a human household and no-one thinks that's weird. Also, he can fly. c.c

    I really gotta try and hunt down a compilation sometime.

    Last edited 30/06/15 8:33 am

      Speaking of Japanese animals, I heard that Tama, the cat who was appointed stationmaster of Kishi railway station back in 2007, died last week. Now I'm sad. This is why I shouldn't read the news.

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