EB Games Removes PC Copies Of Batman: Arkham Knight Until Further Notice

In the wake of Warner's decision to pull Batman: Arkham Knight from Steam, EB Games has confirmed that it is removing boxed copies of the game from shelves until further notice.

MCV confirmed the news with a local spokesperson. We confirmed the news with a store manager on the ground.

"We have reviewed this locally and have also made the call to stop sale immediately," read an internal email sent out to staff. "Please find all stock on hand and keep it in your backroom until further notice."

EB also committed to full refunds for customers who request it. We're awaiting an official statement from EB Games and will update the story when we receive it.

Batman: Arkham Knight has disappointed PC gamers by running badly on the PC platform and Warner has committed to fixing the game's issues. Until then sales have been suspended on digital platforms.


    I heard a rumour that this is all part of the Joker's insidious plan to take over Gotham!

    Yup, I got confirmation from GMG this morning that they'll refund my purchase if I choose to go down that path... Needless to say I am.

      Hey mate random question but how does gmg work? Do you install a client sort of like steam and have a catalogue of games or do you get the games drm free? Also how do you find their service?

        Go to green man gaming dot com. Some of the games are steam keys, some are uplay/origin, keys, some are direct downloads from gmg hemselves. I've only used them for steam keys, it's all totally legit tho, never had a key Dr Jed or whatever

        As far as I've found so far, you get a key emailed to you, which you add to Steam/uPlay/Origin.

        Service is decent, I believe they're US based so it can take a day or two to get a response to support tickets which is ok.

          Ahhhh cool so the sell steam keys sweet, thanks mate! I usually gety keys from ozgameshop but this can be another option!

            I got my copy via cdkeys.com another US based site similar to gmg but a hell of a lot cheaper still. 21USD. They don't have as big a selection of games though. There was an issue with the harley quinn dlc and they fixed it up within a day sending me out a seperate code for the dlc.

            Not all games provide a Steam key - just something to keep in mind (e.g. GTA 5).


        Basically they buy a lot of Steam keys as a vendor and resell them on at a lower price than the Steam value. Any game you buy from them you'll get an email through with a Steam key to activate on your account.

          Thank for the info good to know there's more options out there steam keys are so much cheaper than physical games.

    Got a full refund from EB (instore) today. No problem.
    And they told me that I can contact customer service to get the postage refunded as well.

    Last edited 26/06/15 1:54 pm

      Had you installed it first? Just trying to figure out if Steam will remove the game from people's accounts if they refund a physical copy

        No, it wasn't installed. I imagine it's not so easy if it is. Maybe check out the Steam forums?

        The game will be removed from the account as the vendor will request it from Steam.
        I takes some time though so you might actually finish the game ;)

    Wonder if nVidia would give me a different game. Don't think they will.

      Let me know if you do. I missed out on Witcher3 by a matter of days :(

    Going to make a great $10 purchase in a month ;)

    Heard from a friend just before that JB were doing the same.

    Lots of people requesting their money back. I wonder if Nvidia will be doing the same.

    I went to collect the Collector's Edition I had preordered last night and they refused to provide it at all.
    Flat out refused and said they could only refund. So upset that I couldn't even get the statue

      That seems a little unreasonable.

        If the item is marked as 'recalled' in the EB system (which it will have been), the POS actually won't let you put through the sale.

          So I'd still think there's 2 options - refund or hold it out the back pending further head office instruction.

            The efficacy of that's down to a note written on a piece of paper and sticky taped to the box on the assumption that it goes back on sale at all. The recalls generally require stock to be returned to HO and the store gets docked if they don't provide all the inventory - particularly if it's recalled.
            It sucks for you, but they're just covering their arses. It'd be worse if they promised you they'd hold it only to be forced to return it later - and if it gets reissued, your preorder will still be honored.

    And award for "No Duh!" Post of the Day goes to: Mark Serrels! Congrats dude!
    Your porridge reward is on it's way

    Yes this is a sarcasm post. We love you Mark!

    Now here's what I'm curious about - if or when WB will retract the claimed steam keys for refunded copies...?

    I don't understand it at all.
    I've had mine since launch and haven't had a problem. And my rig is definitely not anywhere near top tier. Maybe I just got lucky.

      What settings are you running it at?

        Pretty much everything on Medium except for texture detail which i bumped up to high.
        The only Nvidia Gameworks features I have turned is the smoke & fog setting.
        Then again, I don't really take much notice of the FPS and whatnot. (if a game plays fine on the settings I want, then I'm happy)...

        I have everything turned on and maximum. Do get a slight slowdown every now and then but that does not detract from my overall game experience. Entirely playable and yeah, my computer doesn't have the latest in hardware.

      you most likely hit the jackpot, me on the other, i can it but my new rig from origin has frame rate drops and stutters and hitching.. with a freaking Titan X while at 1080p then theres certain effects that are on both the PS4 and Xbone that are non existant in the pc version.

      I honestly believe that Arkham City on PC is better looking than Arkham Knight which just shouldnt happen

      I'm the same, game runs fine with the occasional drop in frames. Every is on Max at 2560x1440 but it still doesn't look all the great.

      A few, like you, have been very lucky... Others, unfortunately, haven't been as lucky.

      Video gaming shouldn't feel like winning or losing the lotto :(

        watching a comparison video with PS4 and PC - I didn't realize just how much it was off. PC really is missing a lot of video features... You know somethings wrong when a guy with a GTX970 (not me) is vastly inferior to a PS4. Jesus Warner Bros!
        hope they get their shit together...

    Same goes for JB Hi-Fi until further notice from Warner Bros.

    I think the bigger story here is that people still buy physical copies of PC games.

      Baffling, right? Especially when half of them don't work without Steam or Origin anyway, and saddle you with a giant day-one/authentication patch negating whatever bandwidth advantage you were hoping to get.

      Not everyone has the capability or the patience to download 40gb+ everytime a new game is released!

      Yeah. Because I want to spend DAYS pre-loading a game, only to launch it and see I need to spend more time waiting for it to update. At least with a physical copy I can have it installed in under an hour and updated (if need) in another few and then be playing..

      I did it with GTA V, no way in hell I was downloading 62GB which would've taken me a week or more and used up a lot of my cap. Also the physical copy was $30 cheaper than a digital copy, so tell me again why should I buy games digitally?

        Yeah... $30 cheaper now... in a few months, that game will go on Steam sales at half the price of retail. Next year it'll be in the low two digit range... My guess is $20-25.

        As for your cap, many people have a cap that is terrabytes in size... Sadly, I don't and doesn't sound like you do either.

          More like half the price of what it currently is on Steam which would still only be around $50 AUD. You can get physical copies in this country for as cheap as $60...

          Actually most don't they're either going to be on unlimited because they have that luxury because they live in a busy metropolitan area or on some kind of cap in the 50-200gb range. I know one person on a terrabyte cap, everyone else I know is on some pathetic cap even in the outer suburbs of Brisbane. But then again they have cable, so yeah.

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