Fallout Shelter Is Out Now, On iPad And iPhone

Fallout Shelter Is Out Now, On iPad And iPhone

Oh hey, so aside from Fallout 4, Bethesda has another Fallout game. It’s a strategy game, where you have to build a Vault and keep a ton of cute little people alive. It’s called Fallout Shelter.

It looks cool! You have to build it, manage it, expand it, care for the Vault Dwellers inside…it’s called Fallout Shelter, and it’s going to be released later tonight on iOS out now!

Update: You can find Fallout Shelter on the App Store, right here. Here’s the iPad link, and here’s the iPhone link — but you might have to wait a few minutes, since we’re getting an intermittent error saying it’s not yet available on the Australian version of the App Store. But keep trying, and it’ll download.

Oh, and it’s free, with Bethesda saying it won’t require an internet connection or feature cooldown timers.

Fallout Shelter Announced, Out Tonight


  • Cue the rage of all the Android (and to a lesser extent Windows Phone, and, err, Blackberry? Are they still a thing?) users, as though they’re owed this free game (WELL THEY WON’T BE GETTING MY MONEY!).

    It makes me sad, but I can taste the impotent rage already.

    • Android user here. Mild disappointment entirely overshadowed by the fact that Bethesda look like they’re finally doing Fallout right. Already submitted annual leave form for the week of release.

      Not to mention, we all know Android will have Shelter within 2 months.

    • Android user that owns an iPad pretty much specifically for all the cool stuff iOS gets that Android doesn’t.

      • Not a bad idea, but again.. most things released on iOS make it to Android within a few months.

        • It’s true. As much as Apple and iOS annoy me, Apple does make some pretty nice hardware though. The iPad is brilliant for just watching videos and playing games. Honestly don’t use it for much else.

      • I’ll admit, as much as I like to pretend that I’m not an awful person, I was really kind of hoping that someone would yell at me (love a good argument over nothing important, they’re the best). Instead everyone responding to me is being reasonable. Makes me regret making my Twitter private, I’m sure I could find some mad salt there (I am a terrible person).

        As I’ve typed this I’ve seen some something about Android (non committal, admittedly) https://twitter.com/DCDeacon/status/610294314288021504 so we can always wait and hope.

    • But, nah, man, I’m ENTITLED to it because I just am, y’know? They OWE me.


    • To be fair though, if the shoe was on the other foot and iphoners were the ones to not get it, they’d surely be jumping up and down too.

  • This is probably the first mobile game I’ve ever actually wanted. Ah well, still not worth buying an iOS device.

    • There are programs that allow you to play ios apps/games on pc. Quick google will bring it up. Is what I will be doing.

      • Oh really? iPadian or iEmu? I’d never even thought to look after how god awful the Android emulators were when I tried them.

        • iPadian. Android ones worked ok for me but if the ios ones work even just that good then worth a try.

          • I have had no luck getting this running on PC emulators. But I’m fairly unfamiliar with all of them given I haven’t cared until now 😛

            Anyone got any tips on playing this on anything other than an iDevice

  • I actually would’ve paid for this on Android. I might have to fire up the old iPad, and hope that saves are transferable when the Android one comes out.

  • Got it…this will be interesting, as I don’t play mobile games – wish it was on steam 😛

  • I see it on the store but I can’t download it. Region locks don’t you dare fuck me over here.

    • Yes, this.

      Hell, if it was on Steam I’d even pay a few bucks for it, and I’ve never really played much Fallout at all.

  • Wonder if it’s worth just getting an ipad for 😛 My iphone 6 plus might be too small!

  • Unable to download for the iPhone atm. Says it is only available for the iPad

      • I got my 1st-gen mini in a salvage sale at work for $50 because it has an imperceptible crack in the screen but it made my wife jelly enough that she had to have her own. I consider the price of entry well worthwhile, but I never claimed to be sane. It is a neat toy. The other day I was playing Destiny, had the computer monitor next to my TV to watch Netflix on the PC, and my iPad propped up to keep an eye on Twitter and Reddit during loading screens. I’m pretty sure if I wasn’t already married my chances of talking to a girl ever again would be reduced to nil.

  • Confirmation on twitter from Pete Hines that “We will have info later about Android version.”

  • At least they show they know what makes a good phone game. For a minute I was nervous they were going to do something ridiculous like release Fallout 3 on iPhone.

  • Been playing it for 3 hours straight.. All my lil people are unhappy and most of them just got consumed by roaches. Pretty tough but a good time waster.

  • Best thing about this game, apart from needing an Internet connection to buy lunch boxes, it’s totally an offline game!

  • Don’t worry, Android guys.

    It’s pretty much just Tiny Tower with a Fallout theme.

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