Five Minutes Of Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay

Five Minutes Of Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay

Straight outta EA's E3 press conference, here's a big chunk of multiplayer gameplay from Star Wars Battlefront, out November 17 for PS4/Xbox One/PC.

Looks pretty rad, don't you think? EA says this is running on a PS4, captured from a 40-person battle between the Empire and Rebels on the frozen planet of Hoth. "As the Empire, you must accompany AT-AT walkers as they march towards the Rebel base to destroy it. And as a Rebel, you must do everything you can to stop them. "

Don't miss the special appearance from two iconic Star Wars characters at the end there. Battlefront will let you play as both Luke and Vader, among other characters.


    So...Star Wars Battlefield?

    I do have to say it looks pretty fantastic though. I played the first 2 and loved them.

    It might be the massive Star Wars fan in me saying this, but I want this in my life right now.

    Good to see the nipple cannon.


    Not disappointed in the slightest. Looks great.

    Want so hard, this is exactly what I wanted.

    My first impression was.. man the gun bobbing animation looks so 90's.. it's little things like that which really throw the immersion for me. Everything else looks so darn gorgeous.. why they haven't added a decent gun bobbing animation, which is something that's in your face the entire time, beats me.

    Everything else.. EVERYTHING ELSE.. Mindblowingly AWESOME!

      It's a 2015 game recreating events from a movie released in the 70s, the gun bobbing is meeting them half way.

    Looks so good. I was very wary up until this point, now this is the game I am most looking forward to at this point of E3.

    Only thing that niggled me was the model they used for Luke, but otherwise gameplay looked pretty solid

      Ikr...I was all super hyped then saw Luke and immediately thought 'he looks terrible'

      Luke also hadn't built his green lightsaber by hoth, or have his black outfit. Eh nitpicking

    Is there a single player campaign? Still cant get internet good enough for online play.
    It is raining today, out internet either is dropping out completely or dipping down to under 256bps

    I wish I could run that fast in the snow.

    I guess Luke just uses the force to keep warm.

    Last edited 16/06/15 9:37 am

    Will it have split-screen play?
    Please say yes!

      Don't hold your breath, split-screen seems to well be a thing of the past now. I mean even the new Halo is ditching it. I sure wish I cared about the minor graphical boosts we'll get at the price of no longer being able to play local multiplayer! :/

      I think there is a split screen but I think its only limited to the 2-player co-op horde mode.

    looks great but learnt my lesson after BF4... Ill be waiting to see how online is with lag and update rates etc.

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    This just looks like a souped-up version of battlefront 2... I am 150% okay with that. Damn, now I want this game

    I'm hoping they'll have learned from BF4 and it won't be as rubbish out of the box.

    Of course you would have thought that in the time between BF3 and BF4...

    As excited as I am I have to keep in mind this is heavily scripted gameplay footage. It doesn't represent teams trying to win as much as it tours the features. It doesn't show a battlefield where some players are better than others. It doesn't show a battlefield where some players cower behind rocks poorly sniping to preserve their K/D ratio. I love Battlefield so I'm sure this game is going to be great, but it just doesn't show the non-cinematic side where the enemies have walkers and you're powerless to stop them. That great pilot in an X-Wing.
    As cool as this looks right now Battlefront is going to be so much more than a bunch of extras pretending to fight in the background of a movie. The game is going to be so much better.

    Also I hate that every Star Wars game includes roping AT-ATs. It's a one off improv technique not something you should have to do every single time. It's like insisting that every helicopter has to be taken down with a car Die Hard 4.0 style.

      If I could remember playing Battlefront 2 there where number of ways to destroy the AT-AT; the fun methods were dropping a player on top of it and have that person drop demo charges into the neck or rig the landspeeder with explosives and try to kamakaze it into it's neck.

    The skybox doesn't look quite right, everything else looks amazing, but that skybox. It gives the sky a sort of claustrophobic look.

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