Japan's Most Popular Characters For Children Are...

Japan's Most Popular Characters for Children Are...

For the first time in thirteen years, the most popular children's characters in Japan are not from that bread-headed superhero show Anpanman. They're the characters from Yokai Watch.

According to Asahi.com, Bandai Entertainment revealed the results of its annual poll of adults with children between zero and 12 years old, announcing that Yokai Watch has passed long-time favourite Anpanman.

Eight hundred people participated in the poll. Here are the top three results:

1. Yokai Watch: 19.9 per cent

2. Anpanman: 12.9 per cent

3. Frozen: 5.3 per cent

So, if you thought Frozen was popular with kids, it turns out that Yokai Watch is even more so.

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