League Of Legends Player Lands Pentakill Right As His Team Surrenders

League Of Legends Player Lands Pentakill Right As His Team Surrenders

“You’ll never forget your first pentakill,” all my League of Legends-playing friends have told me. I pray to god that it won’t be like this one.

A pentakill, in case you don’t know, is the name of the achievement bestowed on a League of Legends player when he or she kills all five opponents on the enemy team within a small time window. While pro players often make these sorts of feats look easy when they’re practicing on a live-stream, they’re pretty dang hard for the rest of us League of Legends players to pull off — so much so that common courtesy often dictates that if you’re close to death and an opponent has already killed your four teammates, the decent thing to do is let them get the kill and therefore make that person’s day.

Imagine how the player captured in this video that surfaced on the League subreddit today must have felt, then. The game’s narrating counting off the kills as he took out the enemy team in an impassioned voice — “Double kill! Triple kill! Quadra kill!” And, finally, a deep, drawn out proclamation: PENTAKILL.”

And then…he loses the game:

His team had agreed to a surrender vote while he was in the midst of slaughtering the enemy team. The vote was tallied and the loss officially triggered right around the “triple kill” mark, by the looks of it. By the time that sweet, sweet pentakill badge had revealed itself, the screen was already pivoting uncontrollably towards the team’s self-destructing nexus.

The worst part of this? They’d probably just bought themselves some valuable time to make a comeback while the enemy team was stuck waiting to respawn. Or at least tried to make a comeback.

Poor guy.

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