More Footage Of Overwatch Being Overwatch

The cool thing about Overwatch are the characters, and how playing as different characters forces you to dramatically change the way you play. This is not a token thing.

It also means that we can watch different characters in action and feel like we're watching a completely different first person shooter — to a certain extent.

Above all, it really keeps things interesting.

Today Blizzard released two more videos of Overwatch in action. This time from the perspective of Pharah and Reinhardt.

It's really quite fascinating to watch players — who know what they're doing — play with different characters. Super keen for this.


    Still cant overcome the "It looks like a TF2 clone" thing.
    Not really hyped for a game that doesnt look like a dramatic change from something ive already played.

    Ill reserve my final judgement for when i get my hands on it.

      It does feel 'samey' but a new bliz game brings loads of people. I can't wait to get caught up in the exciting first few months of play.

      As much as i love tf2 (i have over 1500 hours and am a noob), this isn't a rip off.
      Not every class based game is a tf2 clone.
      I can't really see any similar parts apart from graphics a few characters.
      Game play looks totally different.

    Still damn keen for this.

    I'm gonna get rekt for saying this, but I've got my fingers crossed for a console release :3

    looks a lot like Battleborn.

      Bit of a weird coincidinc' but they've both been in development for years, by the looks of them. I'm sure they'll be different enough to be enjoyable

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