Some Genius Made Mad Max And Furiosa Into My Little Ponies


    Uhh... Serrels? You're a brony? I mean, that's cool and all... Nothing wrong with that... Actually explains a bit...

      It might be the grossest internet subculture I can think of :(

        Then clearly you don't think very much.

        If thats the grossest you can think of you haven't spent much time on the net :P

        It's what I am calling "Lost Fandom Syndrome" Normally the Bronies would be Trekkies or Jedis or Browncoats.

        But with a severe lack of shows to foster and support a fandom they've latched onto MLP because it has a huge marketing machine under it - people can buy products which is what media market personal have spent decades training TV watchers to do.

        Buy this Star Wars stuff - Buy this Star Trek stuff - Prove to us you love us buy buying our things and we'll stay on the air - stop buying and we'll shut it all down.

        Kids shows are already designed with that in mind - so the Fan Art and Creations in addition to the purchasable merchandise allow people to have a fandom to show their love and as more people join that fandom it becomes more acceptable to join it - Just like how Trekkies were shunned until enough people liked it and it just became accepted.

        Bronies won't really go away till the show ends - but then you're still left with a lost fandom that will attach itself to the next big thing with easy to make art and purchasable merchandise.


    Nah, can't get behind this. I still do want a Furiosa action figure though.

    I don't care about the MLP garbage, but Mad Max was FKN AWESOME!!!

    Mah! Kotaku is posting weird sh*t again!

    I'm not a brony. Never watched the series, never cared about My Little Ponies in general.
    But I have a lot of appreciation for custom My Little Ponies like this, (or like this: and these are great.

      OK that's gold. I dig the Needle head from Hellraiser pony. Would so give that to an 8 year old and watch their love for MLP dreams shatter.

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