Some Genius Made Mad Max And Furiosa Into My Little Ponies

Some Genius Made Mad Max And Furiosa Into My Little Ponies

Seriously, why didn’t I think of this.

Mad Max: Fury Road is pretty much the best action movie of the last decade, depending on who you ask. If you’re asking me it might be one of the best action movies ever.

Point being: it’s about time someone made some goddamn My Little Ponies based on Mad Max, Immortan Joe and Furiosa.

Seriously — Joe just looks so fetching. I bet he’s a feisty one too. That young filly!

Name your price Mr Borderline Artistic. I will buy them at a high price.


  • Uhh… Serrels? You’re a brony? I mean, that’s cool and all… Nothing wrong with that… Actually explains a bit…

      • If thats the grossest you can think of you haven’t spent much time on the net 😛

      • It’s what I am calling “Lost Fandom Syndrome” Normally the Bronies would be Trekkies or Jedis or Browncoats.

        But with a severe lack of shows to foster and support a fandom they’ve latched onto MLP because it has a huge marketing machine under it – people can buy products which is what media market personal have spent decades training TV watchers to do.

        Buy this Star Wars stuff – Buy this Star Trek stuff – Prove to us you love us buy buying our things and we’ll stay on the air – stop buying and we’ll shut it all down.

        Kids shows are already designed with that in mind – so the Fan Art and Creations in addition to the purchasable merchandise allow people to have a fandom to show their love and as more people join that fandom it becomes more acceptable to join it – Just like how Trekkies were shunned until enough people liked it and it just became accepted.

        Bronies won’t really go away till the show ends – but then you’re still left with a lost fandom that will attach itself to the next big thing with easy to make art and purchasable merchandise.


    Nah, can’t get behind this. I still do want a Furiosa action figure though.

    • OK that’s gold. I dig the Needle head from Hellraiser pony. Would so give that to an 8 year old and watch their love for MLP dreams shatter.

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