Sony Just Registered A 1TB PlayStation 4

Sony Just Registered a 1TB PlayStation 4

Compared to the current 500GB PlayStation 4, that's twice the hard disk drive space. It is!

According to the Federal Communications Commission (via DualShockers), Sony just registered a couple new PlayStation 4 models: CUH-1215A and CUH-1215B. Here's where it gets interesting: the CUH-1215A model has a 500GB HDD capacity, while the CUH-1215B model has a 1TB HDD capacity.

Sony Just Registered a 1TB PlayStation 4

As DualShockers points out, these newly registered PlayStation 4s generate slightly fewer watts. Other differences include weight variations, as the new ones clock in at 2.5kg compared to the current model's 2.8kg.

Sony Just Registered a 1TB PlayStation 4
Sony Just Registered a 1TB PlayStation 4

This doesn't appear to be a full redesign, but we will need to wait for the reveal (should there be one!).

Kotaku reached out to Sony for comment, but hasn't heard back yet.


    It'd be great to see a slim variant with no disc drive and instead, a small (<30GB) SSD for the OS and a whatever size HDD for games.

      The OS is already fast enough, though, and with suspend I rarely even have to boot into it anyway. It's the game loading where the real wait is.

      Why exactly would you want the disadvantage of having no disc drive? And why would the OS even need to be on an SSD?

    I'd have thought most people who want a bigger HDD in there PS4's have probably already done it with how easy it is to do it yourself.

      Exactly. I've been planning on upgrading the HDD in my PS3 and PS4 for a while now. And at $89 for a 1TB why wouldn't you. Much cheaper than trading in your old PS4 and buying the new 1TB model.

      Pretty sure this one meets all the requirements - 2.5", 9.5mm high, 5400rpm.

        I can't speak for the PS4, but I upgraded my PS3 last year to a 1TB drive, no hiccups and nothing has skipped a beat since.

        After doing a little bit of research, I ended up purchasing this drive:

        I'm just deleting stuff that I finish with. I manage to keep it around 2/3 full or so. I find it helps me be more disciplined in finishing stuff that I start or at least not starting stuff that I don't intend to go on with.

          Problem is, I've got over 100 PSN games (can't remember exactly how many), and I just can't bring myself to delete any of them in case I'm in the mood to play the ones I deleted down the track and have to go through the hassle of re-downloading them.

        Look into the Spinpoint M9T it's 2tb and works a treat!!!

          I invested into a 1.5tb 2.5' Hdd day one
          its now only has 300gb left

          my gf is looking at getting her own ps4 now but I cant find anymore 1.5tb's :-( real shame I think
          but a 1tb should do her

      It is extremely easy.

      And I was lucky enough that the week I was waiting for my PS4 arrive JB sent me a 20% off Seagate hard drives, so I picked up an external 2TB slim HDD for $111. There was a bit of nervousness breaking the case of the HDD open with a screwdriver, but it all went smoothly in the end.

        I did pretty much the same thing, although when I bought mine there was no 20% discount available...

        Still, upgrading your HD with a PS4 is trivial. You're best off doing it as soon as you buy the unit so you don't have to re-download anything. And chances are high that doing so will be cheaper than whatever premium Sony choose to charger for a higher-capacity unit.

      Yeah, but that costs more. I bought a 1Tb drive and put it in the day I bought my PS4, before I even hooked the thing up to the TV. This meant I paid for the 500gb drive in there which I never used.

      Given that PS4 requires all games - including those on physical media - to be fully installed to the HDD (which can be upwards of 40gb per game), I really don't think 500gb is enough in the medium - long term. So this is a good move.

      Presumably Sony see this as a bit of a value add in lieu of an actual price drop. It'll be interesting to see what happens if MS cut the XBone price, though (possibly at E3?) - Sony would probably have to follow suit if they want to maintain their existing sales lead.

        I replaced the PS4 drive with a 1TB one, then put the 500GB in an external case connected to the pitifully underprovisioned Wii U. Win-win!

          Hmm... I'll bear that in mind. Still got the drive laying around, so if I ever pick up a Wii U I guess I can use it there.

    1TB might actually be more than double 500GB in terms of usable space, because it's not ACTUALLY 500GB of free space, thanks to the OS and crap apparently taking a fifth of the fucking space.

      It's not just the OS taking space or Sony being disingenuous.
      It's mostly the hard drive manufacturers and their use of certain units.

      eg: Hard drive manufacturers always use 1,000 for their divisor, so when they say 500GB, they mean 500,000,000,000 bytes.
      The computer OS, on the other hand, actually uses what has been defined as a Gibibyte, where the divisor is 1024 [ie: 1KB = 1024 bytes]. In this case, 500GB = 536,870,912,000 bytes.

      Or, in other words the 500GB hard drive [in hard drive 1,000 notation], only registers as 465GB [in OS 1024 notation]. There's almost 10% of the space right there.

    My space is fine on mine at the moment. I may look at installing a new HDD myself if I need to in future. Just out of curiosity though, has anyone shoved an SSD in theirs? If so, does it run any quicker? Boot up time, loading apps, switching between menus etc?

      Yep, boot and load times are noticably better with a 1TB EVO

      Careful with installing an SSD. The PS4, much like the PS3, does not contain TRIM support within it's IO drivers. This means that over time the drive will get slower and slower before almost grinding to a halt if it gets too full.

    Thats cool and all but...what colours will it come in?

    I want to have a bigger HDD in my PS4, but I've got PT installed. So I'm locked into the 500gb drive till I just go "fuckit" and get a bigger drive anyway

      PT is still available to download if you already did in the Australian (EU) region.

      I upgraded my PS4 to 2Tb and redownloaded it after they pulled it

      Couldn't you just buy a new hard drive and install everything fresh instead of doing a transfer? Then throw the old HDD into your wall safe so if you ever want to play PT you just have to get it out and swap it over.

      The recently added backup function for the PS4 will back up all of your games and settings to an external drive and restore it all back as it was. So you won't lose PT.

    Storage: the final frontier. These are the shortcomings of the console Playstation. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new peripherals, to seek out new currency and new demographics, to boldly go where PC has gone before

      People really underrate the PS4 [and likely the xbone], and always try to compare it to a PC.
      I play PC games and PS4 [arguably on PC much more], yet the PS4 does things that no PC does at all or nearly as well. Suspend in games, one button share and record, switching between games and the OS menu, low-power updates and downloads.

      Sure, a PC is more powerful easily. But the PS4 is one VERY slick and elegant unit in how it runs.

        I agree with you completely, I probably use my PS4 more for gaming than my PC, just felt like being that guy for a change :P

    They're only just now putting a 1TB hard drive in. In mid-2015. When games are regularly 30+ GB.

    hindsight much

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