Super Mario Maker Looks Nuts

Super Mario Maker Looks Nuts

Here's Mario's iconic 1-1 level, remade into a giant death trap by the folks at Nintendo. Wow!

The GIF above is a small slice of a Mario level debuted at the Nintendo World Championships today, and it gives us a small taste of just how bonkers Mario Maker levels will be. Players will be able to make levels as ridiculous as they'd like in Mario Maker. Official games almost look boring by comparison:

Some memorable moments from tonight's showcase:

Super Mario Maker Looks Nuts

And my favourite, going through a door only to find THIS:

Super Mario Maker Looks Nuts


    You know those brutal Mario levels that needed pre-programmed computers to complete? Yeah, about a thousand of them.

    Those guys were smashing out those levels on the fly while I was thinking I'd need 5 minutes of standing still just to work out my next jump

    Mario Souls - Prepare To Die Edition.

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