Tell Ubisoft What You Really Think About Assassin’s Creed

Tell Ubisoft What You Really Think About Assassin’s Creed

If you happen to be in Los Angeles next week, they’re giving you a shot. The company already announced a roadshow-style tour in Europe, but there was no word on something similar for the US. That will change, starting at E3 next week.

Today, Ubisoft announced that Assassin’s Creed players will be invited to participate in the first-ever Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Playtest Road Show with the first stop coinciding with the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Participants will get exclusive hands-on time with the game and share detailed feedback directly with the development team to make an impact on the final game when it releases October 23. They will also get the opportunity to see the development process firsthand while experiencing Master Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye’s fight for London.

The rest of the dates — if there are any — haven’t been announced just yet.

To participate, send an email to with your name, age, and a brief summary about why you should be allowed to come play the game months ahead of its release.

If you’re in Europe, here’s where they will be stopping by.

Tell Ubisoft What You Really Think About Assassin’s Creed

Good luck!


  • I think they need to give the franchise a rest.

    If not, do something stupid with it, like a zombie or cyberpunk AC game.

    • Dead on. I’ve been saying this for a long time. Some franchises need to let nostalgia build up a little. Let the things we dislike about a game fade in our minds a bit. Not serve up the same crap year after year with little to separate different releases.

      • Exactly, why do we think Guitar Hero was anticipated for a comeback? (unfortunately look at what we got…)

        • Ubisoft at the moment seems to be like a bad parent addicted to substances. They are making poor decisions and their abuse and neglect is having a detrimental effect on their children.
          If they cant look after the ones they have they should probably refrain from having any more.

          • Can we get the ones they already have removed from them and placed in the care of somebody better able to look after them?

    • Yeah, last AC game I played was AC4 and I’m not planning on playing any more of them. That should tell them exactly what they need to know.

  • Time to step back and re-access the franchise and its place in Ubisofts business plans.
    What started as something new and exciting has become stale as you try to beat money out of scraps from its corpse.

  • you mean ubisoft actually care about what we think?

    but for real, stop making every IP you get involved with a cash cow filled with on release DLC and microtransactions.

  • Well I’ve got some ideas:

    1. Stop with the yearly releases. It leads to franchise fatigue and ultimately delivers crappier games. Give the series time to recharge between each one.

    2. Stop releasing buggy, rushed games. Nobody likes to pay $60+ for a new title, only to get it home and have it run like a narcoleptic dog. This applies especially in the case of PC ports, which Ubisoft are absolutely terrible at.

    3. No one gives a crap about the present-day/future time period stuff, so just drop it. I loved Black Flag, but I realised recently that I had mentally cut out all of the present-day Abstergo stuff. It actually surprised me to remember those elements were even in the game.

    4. Do something radically different – set it in recent history or the distant future or something.

    5. Take the series back to basics and just let us be an assassin, not a micro-manager or home renovator.

    6. Get rid of the damn tailing missions. I absolutely hate those.

    That’s all I can think of right now, but I’m sure there are other things from this series that irk me that I’ve forgotten about.

    • I am sorry, but I disagree with point 3. I personally LIKE that stuff. It keeps all the AC games connected. Fuck, I HATE that there is hardly any of it, hell, basically none of it in Unity. The only people who don’t like that side of it are most likely people who don’t play games for story.

      • The modern day abstergo parts bring the game to a complete halt. If they made the only reference to the modern day in intro/closing sequences, it would make the games feel so much more smooth and more like a narrative. The modern day segments just break the games flow too much to feel good. They should focus on building the story into the period that it is set in.

        Personally, I don’t think they are going to ever beat Black Flag. It was just too good. I didn’t even finish Unity. It bored the crap out of me.

      • I agree, I quite like the modern day stuff myself, I enjoy finding out what’s happening to our last two heroes 🙁

      • My suggestion is this, retroactively patch the present day sections out, it’s garbage.

        Here’s the pitch for AC: you run around in big cityscapes from the past like Acre or Jerusalem. Your a member of the Assassins, a secret order dedicated to stopping the templars and keeping the balance of the world. Your skills include stealth, sword, knives and hidden blades and the ability to free-run up every building!

        Sounds go…

        And THEN, you also play as Desmond, a dull, boring, whiny unlikeable character surrounded by unlikeable pseudo-villains who kidnapped him and force him to live out these assassin moments as if in a dream through a techno-babble machine that relives genetic memories!!! It all leads to a wider modern day conspiracy!

        As the games go on it gets worse. Arguably the worst is Lucy, ooh, hints about her not being a templar in the first game (concerns about subject welfare, patient suicide etc.) then she busts you out of Abstergo and kills several of their employees throughout the game in 2. Then you kill her in brotherhood? DRAMA, somewhat actually well-executed DRAMA. Then is goes off the rails and into an orphanage for kittens and sick puppies. In revelations, no one seems that particularly concerned or angry at Desmond for murdering their friend (they couldn’t see Juno remember?).

        By 3 it hits absolute rock bottom. It’s revealed she was a traitor all along and working to sabotage you. As soon as I learned this I traded my game in. Why does Lucy bust desmond out? Killing several guards in the process (just doing their f***ing job!?!?!). Why doesn’t she just keep him, at Abstergo? Why does she feed vital secrets to the assassins if she could just cut all contact with them?

        Why does this hole exist? Because they had to focus on two narratives, the interesting one in the past and the dull and increasingly idiotic present day plot. To carry the impact over, you would need the team to completely distrust or outright despise Desmond and allow time for a rocky connection to be formed that slowly strengthens. It would also enforce a complete distrust of the ancient people. Too much time, would take away from the part of the game 99.99 (9999999999)% of people buy it for so instead she’s just a traitor allowing everyone to move on without a fuss.

        And that, is why this series is so stupid

    • I watched a review for assassins creed 1 recently and it praised the game for daring to try a unique idea even if they didn’t execute it perfectly amongst the sea of mediocrity of the time… +7 main games later the series is the sea of mediocrity (even though I liked 4 there were waaay too many assassins in my pirate game) and I want them to ditch it for a bit.
      let it breathe, let it rest. And try something new or even old.
      I would love to be a pirate again… but this time in a pirate fantasy setting. Chasing down krakens in my boat. Looting ghost ships. Climbing the rigging. Wooing mermaids. Hell, do coop well for that game and you have game of the century!
      And while I’m at it I want a mansion made of gold…(continues to rant off into the distance)

  • Tell Ubisoft What You Really Think About Assassin’s Creed
    YES! There’s a f*ck ton of things I want to address to Ubisoft about Assass…

    If you happen to be in Los Angeles next week

    The company already announced a roadshow-style tour in Europe

  • where does it say anything about telling them what we think, super misleading headline
    edit: my bad, probly in the announce you got rather than on the website.

  • Obviously no boardroom is going to approve this ‘risk’, but drop the AC moniker completely and make some great games set in time periods free from the rubbish idea of the present day / playing memories concept. I already have to suspend my belief once to play a video game! I wonder how differently I’d think of John Marston if RDR was constantly stopping to remind me directly that its a computer simulation of a pre-ordained set of events

  • I like the series a lot, some major issues I had was the slow start that AC3 had and also of coarse bugs and glitches but that’s to be expected to some degree. just keep it reasonable.

    In terms of things more recent, ac4 was awesome however ac:unity had a non existent back/parallel story which I disliked, felt like the only things that happened was abstergo interrupting your stream several times and that’s it.. also co-op was way to laggy or maybe that’s just the Australian internet letting me down.

    Conclusion: I’m still enjoying it, plenty of people have gripes with the series however theirs no guarantee that a reboot would reinvigorate their love for the series.. just keep slowing evolving and see if you can turn some heads.

  • I assume I’ll cop it for this but I seriously don’t get the appeal of the franchise.
    To explain myself: I saw footage of the first three games and thought they looked awesome. Then I played one for 15mins at Mana Bar in Melbourne (in about 2012) and no matter what, I couldn’t fail. I could run into a group of enemies to engage in a fight or jump off a six-storey building and not die. I decided then and there that it was a game for 10-year-old boys who wanted to be heroes and not have a challenge and accepted that.

    Then two months ago Black Flag was free on XBLA on 360. I downloaded it and completed the first mission by doing nothing but holding the right trigger and forward on the left (or was it right?) stick. By doing that, I scaled a number of structures, leaped off cliff edges and completed some nifty little parkour moves. After doing that, I reached a man who was supposed to be an assassin so I mashed X three times without pressing any other button and killed him. Not long after that (after some horrendous cut scenes) I had to make my way into an old fort and secure some object (I can’t remember because it doesn’t even matter) so I climbed up a wall, stabbed one guy who was within 5 metres of another guard, grabbed the object and dived about 4 storeys back into the water where I swam to safety. It took about 2 mins and was boring as piss. Once I got my own pirate ship I thought the game would improve. Nope. It was a free download and I still felt ripped off. Especially after all the hours of playing with pirate Lego as a kid, I thought I would love Black Flag. No risk – no reward.
    Maybe I am harsh on the AC franchise because my all time favourite game is The Last of Us where if you run into a room with only two enemies and face off with one, the other will kill you. I just felt completely cheated when I played AC:BF and realised that where there is absolutely no risk, there is absolutely no reward.

    If you think I’m exaggerating, go and start playing any AC game by standing in the centre of three or more enemies. Don’t attack any of them. Did they attack you? No, I didn’t think so. It’s more of an illusion of being a hero in a game than actually playing a hero in a game.

    • You’ve nailed it. It’s kinda why I want them to go back to the first one because there was far more challenge to it.

      • Ha, as I expected someone still downvoted me just for not liking the franchise.
        This reminds me of when I was accused of believing that I “owned the internet” when I said that I enjoyed playing games on hard mode (again, risk and reward) in response to a Kotaku article saying that games played on easy are the way to go.

  • Hrm. I am skeptical about the impact this ‘feedback’ will actually have. Especially when we count back from an October release, including shipping, certification, and QA of the final build. Feels more like marketing shtick.

  • Sitting having a LAN with mates at the moment, pretty much unanimous that we’l never ever buy an Assassins Creed game again after unity, and further more scratching our heads to figure out which of the games that ubisoft have brought out, have ever worked as promised for on-line.

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