Tell Us Dammit: What Are You Expecting From E3

E3 is round the corner and at the base of our bellies we have that little swell of expectation. COULD OUR FAVOURITE DREAM GAME FINALLY BE ANNOUNCED?

As always, I'm jonesing for the announcement of a new Metroid game. I'm actually fairly confident we'll see one. Retro Studios isn't actively working on anything we know of, and I don't think we'll see another major Donkey Kong game from them. What else if not Metroid?

In a weird way I'm sort of hoping for a 3DS Metroid game. But I suspect if that game is ever made, it'll most likely be developed by Next Level Games, the team responsible for Luigi's Mansion 2. That's a-okay with me since Luigi's Mansion 2 was and is an incredible game, probably my favourite on the 3DS to date.

I'm also still holding out hope for The Last Guardian, as tragic as that sounds.

What are you hoping to see at E3?


    Fallout 4 info obviously, but also more info on Flying Wild hogs newly announced Sequel to their Remake of Shadow Warrior.

    And from the PC gaming show, i want to here about the new expansion for ARMA 3 as they are showing off the new map on the show

    I'd rather Retro tackle a different IP.

    I'd like to see someone new make a new Metroid for 3DS. Prime 1&2 were great, but I've always preferred the 2D games.

    Hopefully Dark Souls 3 is officially announced with Miyazaki at the helm. Or a new Souls type in a completely different setting. Deep space, contemporary, time travel?

    More details on Telltale's deal with Marvel.

    Sony announcing Vita isn't a legacy console after all, here's a few games to prove it.

    Shenmue 3, The Last Guardian & Resident Evil 2 HD remastered remake.

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      Would love a surprise title for the vita!

      "Shenmue 3, The Last Guardian & Resident Evil 2 HD remastered remake."
      Oh god yes please!

    A fully loaded hype train stretching out towards the horizon

    I have no expectations - I just want to see something really cool that I didn't expect, from a developer / company I like. I'm fairly over the hype train in general, but I'm still willing to buy a ticket if the destination jumps out amongst the clutter.
    Apart from that: I'm looking forward to the Morpheus announcements and Uncharted 4 news. The teasers / rumours of a new Retro project obviously have me keen; I actually just want more Nintendo news.

    Something cool from Paradox?

    Most of the other stuff I'm keen on will be shown- Mirror's Edge, Uncharted, Fallout.

    Ooh, I know. Mass Effect 4 as an EA surprise trailer would be sweet.

    * Luigi's Mansion 3
    * Alien Isolation 2
    * Shadows Of Mordor 2
    * New expansions for Dying Light
    * New Infamous game
    * New Killzone game

      New Splinter cell game?

        Kojima goes to Ubisoft... to reboot Splinter Cell.

          That is like a paradox. It is like Sony and Nintendo merging to make a mega console. It is like if you went back in time and touched yourself you'd end the universe if the Kojima SC game happened.

    Yakuza Zero localisation
    Dragon Quest VII 3D localisation
    Phantasy Star Nova localisation

    Leaving aside the stuff that's already been announced or is just expected ever year, I'm really keen to find out what thatgamecompany have got to show. It's been a few years since Journey, so they'd have to be getting close to at least announcing something. It'll also be interesting to see if they've still got their old magic given the number of departures from the studio after Journey.

    Also - The Last Guardian. This must be the year. MUST BE.

    Sony's internal studios have been pretty quiet in the PS4 era, too, so I'm hoping to hear from the likes of Santa Monica (hopefully something not God of War, but I suspect I'll be disappointed on that one), Media Molecule, Guerilla's supposed new IP etc. Hoping a lot of people will get to try out Morpheus at E3 so we can get a good sample size to find out what percentage get motion sickness issues etc.

    MS - hopefully some good new first party IP instead of wheeling out the same old Halo / Forza / Fable / Gears and purchased 3rd party exclusives.

    Nintendo - massive Wii U price cut so I can justify purchasing one solely for Yoshi's Woolly World :P

    Also hoping Kojima will come out on stage at some point and say "Just kidding! Trolled you all!" before announcing he's still at Konami and they're still in love with each other and P.T. is actually going ahead and then David Hayter walks out on stage to join him and they're all like "oh, yeah, he's totally in MGS V" and then Hayter and Kojima and Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus do some jelly wrestling on stage in their underwear.

      I'm Hoping in a few months Kojima does a kickstarter for his dream big budget indie game.

        As long as one of the Kickstarter stretch goals is he'll jelly wrestle with Hayter, del Toro and Reedus on a stage somewhere in their underwear, then I'll support it.

      Just buy the Wii-U anyway, tons of good games, can play most of them without needing the TV on, and by far the best way to watch netflix.

    Pikmin 4 would make my year. As long as it doesn't take 10 years to come out.

      Nintendo don’t do long development cycles for anything not named ‘Zelda’ anymore.
      If it’s a WiiU game, expect it to be shovelled out to fill a chasm in the release schedule like Splatoon, Mario vs Minigames 57 or Captain Toads Rebadged Adventure.

      I’d love to see Nintendo announce that they’re going 3rd party and will go back to innovating instead of pumping games out to keep their dying hardware alive.

        You'll have to wait at least two generations for that to happen. Nintendo is sitting on shitloads of money and can probably survive another two WiiU generations. Their handheld division is doing really well too.

          You’re probably right, although there’s a chance that at some point they’ll see the writing on the wall and decide it’s time to go 3rd party for consoles at least.
          They don’t need to follow the current strategy to the grave.

          I love Nintendo and I think they make the best games on the planet, but their hardware division makes bad decisions and the rest of their business decisions are normally even worse (online systems, pricing, region locking…. I could go on).

          It’s tolerable when the end result is a handful of brilliant games, but the quality of their console titles is suffering as a result of the shitty hardware and the need to get titles out the door to keep the hardware afloat. The best games on the WiiU are either cut extremely close to an existing mould (Mario Kart, Smash Bros), straight up remakes (Wind Waker) or “new” titles that have been rushed out using design elements from 3DS games (Mario Land 3D World New Whatever, Mario Sidescroller 3DS Port of a Wii Game that was a port of a DS game that’s now ported to the WiiU).

          They need to get their sh*t together and go back to making innovative AAA games, they can’t do that AND keep the WiiU on life support.

            The thing is, there is every chance they will have another successful run in the next 2 generations. Look at the Wii - it sold something like 100million units. The attach rate wasn't great, but when you're making a profit on every one, it doesn't sting as bad.

            They'd have to have an exceptionally bad go to do 2 more Wii U's.

              I’m more concerned about myself as a gamer/ fan! :-)

              The Wii sold well but outside of the Mario Galaxy titles it didn’t get anything that I’d consider a true classic by Nintendo standards.
              Certainly not in the Link to the Past, Mario 64, OOT, Wind Waker, Metroid Prime kind of way where a game was an industry defining best-in-class kind of title.

              A few good games and decent takes on old formula’s, but very little that was truly classic.

              The WiiU has none at all and it’s already well past it’s best before date.
              It’s older than the Dreamcast was and has sold less, coming off 100m in sales for the Wii that’s a pretty epic failure. A LOT of people felt burnt by the lack of quality titles the Wii got.

      I'd take a 3DS pikmin too!

        I don't know how traking 100 pikmin on that little screen would go. I suppose they could make it work?

        But personally, I want a big full console, beautiful lush environment to explore and conquer again.

    More Info on the division would be fantastic but I'm abit over developers showing games that look nothing like the finished product. Looking at you watch doggie and unity and far cry.

    I want to see console games running on the actual consoles.

    That aside im happy to see anything and eveytthing xcom 2 looks fantastic. More fallout or doom and forza 6.

    I'd like to see Western & Japanese developers swap IP.

    Bethesda making a new Shin Megami Tensei in the Fallout engine & ATLUS making an Elder Scrolls.

    Or Bioware doing a Final Fantasy & Square Enix making a Mass Effect.

    You know, see how'd they'd change things, let em go hog wild.

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      On a similar note where the hell is Tekken X Street Fighter?

        Seems they decided to go with Tekken 7 first.
        Presumed once they were done with Tag 2 & then the free to play they'd get on it.

        Guess not :-/

    I'm pretty apathetic towards E3 at the moment. Going by the past, most of it will be official announcements of things we already knew were coming, continued announcements of things we knew were in progress and confirmation that we still won't see the things we wish were in progress. So basically I have no expectations and am eagerly awaiting the feeling of being surprised or excited.

    I'm expecting @raygunbrown to have a complete meltdown on Twitter when Fallout 4s release date gets announced.

    I want all the Halo 5 stuff, and I'm looking forward to Mass Effect being shown (and the Mass Effect collection remaster being announced for current gen).
    I'd like to see some real surprises... I'm kind of worried that everything is being announced before it.

    I own both consoles, so I'd like to see anything from Sony that isn't an indie game... and anything from Microsoft that tries to sell the console (a hungry MS is a good MS).

    Release dates for No Mans Sky & Journey for PS4

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    Mass effect Shepard collection for the Xbox one.



    Mirror's Edge news and Uncharted 4 news would also be pretty cool to see.

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    - A new F-Zero game (the most neglected of Nintendo franchises)
    - SW Battlefront looking like it will actually be amazing
    - Lots of Street Fighter 5 footage and with some new character announcements
    - Blast Corps: Generic Subtitle (do MS or Nintendo own the rights to this? Whatever, make it happen)
    - David Hayter making an appearance during an MGS5 presentation (I'm hoping somehow Solid Snake is in MGS5 and Hayter is voicing him. You never know)
    - Silent Hills not actually cancelled

      Isn't Solid Snake like nine years old when MGSV is set?

        I want Liquid, Boy Soldier.

        Have at thee, acne!

          I only get pimples due to my INFERIOR RECESSIVE GENES, SNAKE!

            I thought Solid Snake was actually the weaker of the two, but he managed to defeat Liquid in MGS1 anyway? Wasn't something like that mentioned in the voice-over conversation between Ocelot and "Mr President" (Solidus?) during the end credits?

            I don't know, my head hurts whenever I try thinking about the shemozzle that is the MGS story.

              Snake has the "recessive" genes, Liquid had the dominant ones. Liquid thinks it's the other way around and that's why he resents snake so much.

      Pretty sure Rare owned the rights to the stuff they invented so Microsoft would own the rights to Blast Corps. Such an awesome game.

    Waiting for more info on a release date for No Man's Sky. Other than that hopefully there are some new PS4 IP's announced.

    I'm hoping for Mass Effect 4 news and a XBOX One/PS4 collection announcement. I doubt it'll happen since Fable Legends hasn't been released yet but I'd love to see a main series Fable game announced. It'd be nice to get something hype worthy out of Rainbow Six this year too.

    Been playing Duke Nukem 3D on Vita on the train, I'd love to hear a bunch of other old (or even newish) games were ported.

    There's some stuff I forever put aside at home but if it's on a handheld I'm keen to play on the go (or the throne).

      I love playing PS1 games on the Vita, due to being able to change the controls however you want. They should add more, as well as the rest of the PS1 classics library. Oh, and PS2 games. Or maybe I'm getting too greedy.

        I agree with all of this.

    Half-Life 4

    Seriously though, I’m not expecting much this year.
    That’s not because I’m a terribly cynical bastard or anything like that, I just think that all the major franchises I care about have either already announced that they’re making the titles I want (Fallout 4) or because I don’t expect my favourite franchises to be in any state to impress me (everything by Nintendo, Mass Effect).

    You never know though, something always comes out of E3 that surprises/ excites you and we are at a good stage of the new console cycle (PS4 and Xbone).
    It was around this time last generation that we saw the Assassins Creeds, Bioshocks and Mass Effects.

    Lot of older white dudes wearing jeans and suit jackets.

    I'm expecting more cash grabbing and empty promises while every announcement gets an award of some description.

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