The Badass Pixels Of Eitr

The Bad Arse Pixels Of Eitr

Yes, yes, there have been plenty of games with pixels, but these... these are glorious.

I've been following this Diablo-meets-Dark Souls mashup for a little while, wondering when they'd get around to talking about a release date, instead of teasing me with beautiful GIFs.

Thanks to E3, the week that forces everyone's hand for the glory of marketing, it happened. Eitr is coming in 2016.

Here's the game's setup:

The Shield Maiden, as with all mortal Norsemen, was to have her fate determined by the three fate-weaving Norns and their sacred loom before she even entered the world. However, her destiny was shattered when the mischievous god Loki interfered, dripping spots of the wretched substance Eitr into the unwoven loom, forever altering the Shield Maiden's path and engulfing the great tree Yggdrasil in darkness. Now the Shield Maiden must venture into the nine Norse worlds connected by Yggdrasil and unravel the mystery of her fate.

Here's what that actually means:

The Bad Arse Pixels Of Eitr
The Bad Arse Pixels Of Eitr
The Bad Arse Pixels Of Eitr

The wait to to play Eitr will be long, but these GIFs will keep me strong. Take comfort in them.


    I had (tragically) forgotten about this game until I saw it in the Sony presser and then it rammed its way back into my memory and plonked itself down amongst the other titles I am looking forward to from E3. It's going to be a long wait until 2016, though there are a few titles coming out this year to keep me company until then.

    So Norse God of War with pixel graphics?

    I'm in.

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