The Elder Scrolls Is Getting A Card Game

The Elder Scrolls Is Getting A Card Game

Looks like Hearthstone is going to get some competition.

Today, Bethesda announced a new card game coming to Elder Scrolls Online. It's called Legends, and it's a strategy game. Free-to-play, you can expect it to come to PC and iPad later this year.


    My personal take on this, is that ES is a very generic setting and doesn't have enough character to carry a card game - especially not against more interesting worlds. The (ES) games succeed due to their cutting edge technology, and their ability to present an almost living, breathing world for the player to explore at their leisure. Made even more-so by the addition of user made mods.

    It worked so well in Morrowind and Skyrim (and for the older games, for those who've played them) because there is simply nothing like them. I mean, if Warcraft or LOTR of ASOIAF or, hell, even Kingdoms of Amular or some other unknown setting creating a first person, single player world with such incredible exploration, interaction and vista's, then I have no doubt they would obtain the same type of cult following. When you provide the player with such freedom, they could find any setting magnificent. I feel three games have done it properly, Skyrim, Fallout and GTA - but I believe Skyrim did it best. I think my best experiences in Skyrim were simply roaming around creeks and exploring mountains - quests be damned.

    In all honesty, I think a Fallout card game would be a better match.

    ES just doesn't have any of the character of Fallout. That's not to say I prefer Fallout (personally, I LOVED 1 and 2, but never got into 3 or New Vegas - whereas I sunk countless hours into Skyrim), but I understand the hook of its setting. Whereas nothing about ES truly stands out. There's no sharp writing. No colourful characters. No charismatic villains.. just the bare essentials.

    Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this will be a massive hit. But much like ESO, I think this is Bethesda overestimating the ES lores ability to draw players into their games. Whereas I believe it's the virtual environment, technology, and unmatched sense of freedom.

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    Scrollstone. Ha!

    All im saying is that Fargoth had better be a collectible or a hero to play which ever path they take

    God dam exclusives!! Am so sick of them
    Any word on android at all?

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