The Official Big Bang Theory LEGO Set Looks Awkwardly Cosy


Having made it through a previous round of LEGO Ideas vetting, Alatariel and GlenBricker‘s Big Bang Theory set is now a real product, including all you see here for a mere $US59.99 later this year.

For those unfamiliar, the LEGO Ideas Project is a website where LEGO builders can submit their ideas in the hopes of becoming official LEGO product. First a project must gain 10,000 supporters, after which it and several of its peers goes to the LEGO Ideas board for approval. Projects are judged in several categories — including the ability to secure a licence for named properties — and should they past muster, they can become real plastic things.

Here’s Alatariel and GlenBricker’s original submission:

And here’s a high-resolution version of the finished product that LEGO will begin selling later this year (click the top left corner to expand):

We’ve had a few hair changes, the licensed figures on the bookshelves have been exchanged with generic alternatives — not much has changed, all things considered.

I’m digging Sheldon wearing the Flash t-shirt and holding the Green Lantern’s camping light. Amy and Bernadette round out the seven minifig set.

Due out later this year, the Big Bang Theory LEGO set will make the perfect holiday gift for fans of the series. My 70-year-old stepfather is going to love it.


    • If you can get a hold of Benny’s Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP! set, it is a fantastically fun build that will take 3 odd hours out of your afternoon and come packed with minifigs, projectiles, little bonus side builds and you can probably pick it up for under 100 bucks now that target, kmart and so on are flogging it off. It also does stuff and has hidden things and it is fun…and it is a spaceship.

  • Interesting that they removed all DC comic references. Considering WB and Lego are pretty tight, and the show brought tons of publicity for DC, its strange they did not try to get them left in and/or WB refused to let them use it.

    • It looks to me like most of them were too fiddly to print reliably, rather than organising licences. They kept the Flash t-shirt, and the other references seem to be the action figures. They lost detail on the globes and posters, too.

  • With big bang being owned by Time Warner and happy to use this license with LEGO what are the chances of seeing Big Bang appear in LEGO dimensions?

    May be time to add a Gremlins set to lego ideas.

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