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Clever artisans have been building bottled boats since the 1800s, using either long-handled tools or folding mast and sail trickery to create striking works of nautical art. Due out in February, the Lego Ideas version is more of a build-a-bottle-around-a-boat deal. Works for me.


Back when I was a kid growing up in the outskirts of Philadelphia it seemed as if every house on the block had a copy of the classic wooden Labyrinth marble maze game. Now that I'm technically an adult I've got one of my own, only much cooler.


LEGO Ideas lets amateur builders not only share their creations with the world, but also have the opportunity for them to be realised as real sets. But each submission needs 10,000 supporting votes before it's even considered, so let's make sure this stunning LEGO Voltron gets closer to reality.


These aren't official but by God they should be. This set of models are the work of Dan McCormack who seems to be trying to build them all with his rapidly expanding collection.