Here's An Interesting Nugget Of League Of Legends eSports Information

Briefly: Here's an interesting nugget of League of Legends eSports information: GameSpot interviewed a bunch of North American pro players and found that an overwhelming majority would prefer the League Championship Series (LCS) format be changed to best of two games, rather than best of one. I think they all have a point.


    I'm no mathematician, but wouldn't best of 2 not make any sense, whatsoever?

    If each team wins one game... Well... Like I said I'm no mathematician.

    How does best of 2 work. Quickest time win if they are one game a piece

      It's not really a "best" of 2. They simply play 2 games for points. say 1 point each if you draw, 3 points if you win both, locking the opponent out of points for that round. LCK and LPL work similarly. To be honest though, I prefer the LCS version, means you get to see all teams play twice every week and it keeps the running time down. They play each other a second time in the second half of the split and you can see whether they have improved or not during the weeks in between.

        Right, during the season. My mind was on finals and elimination type competition.
        Thanks for the clarification

    I was surprised that most of the NA LCS guys wanted the LPL style of best of 2 rather than the LCK style of best of 3.

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