Make Dark Souls Look Like Limbo, At Least If You're On PC

Want to make Dark Souls even harder? Simple — completely remove the HUD, and turn everything into a hundred different shades of black and white. Turns out it's ridiculously easy to do, too.

Here's how to apply the "Limbo Mod", as it's being called, on PC. Bit of downloading and file transferring and copy-pasting and settings editing, et voila. Consoles, obviously, need not apply:

It's easy thanks to ReShade, a piece of post-processing software that grabs frames of gameplay and applies a bunch of tweaks like anti-aliasing, colour correction and simulated depth of field blur — it's the same idea that has been used time and time again to make games like GTA look beautiful with similar software like ENB.

Super-popular Dark Souls Twitch streamer, LobosJR, who beat the game in three hours and is now trying to beat it upside down, tried out the tweaked look after Reddit user CystisomaMagna shared his accidental find to /r/darksouls. You can watch some more Dark-Souls-as-Limbo action, straight from Lobos' Twitch feed, right here.

It actually looks pretty cool:

Watch live video from LobosJR on Twitch


    Haha, that looks wicked! Impossible to play, but the aesthetic is awesome.

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