More EA Sports UFC Glitch Commentary -- Never A Bad Thing.

As a huge fan of MMA, EA Sports UFC was a bit of a disappointment to me. It's also pretty buggy.

The consolation prize? The awesome glitch commentary videos by MMA impressionist Tommy Toe Hold.

Impersonating long term commentating duo Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan, Tommy has absolutely nailed it with this series. This is his fourth EA Sports UFC glitches vid and I can't get enough of it.


    Omg the first ones were hilarious. Didn't think these would be as good but THANK GOD they are back. its CRAZY!

    Tears. Actual tears streaming down my face with laughter.

    These are priceless, absolutely beautiful to behold. Most hilarious game glitches I've seen since helixsnake's Skate 3 glitch vids on youtube.

    Poor uncle creepy!!! Thought he was going to win that for a second

    This is a (pretty entertaining) talk from GDC2015 on the topic of UFC's animation system, and they touch on the glitches.

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