EA Sports UFC Glitches Are Back Baby

When EA announced EA Sports UFC 2 this thought genuinely ran through my head: 'is this the end of all those hilarious UFC glitch videos?'

That was gonna be a tough pill to swallow. Thankfully, it looks like I won't have to swallow it.

Because EA Sports UFC glitches are back baby.

Sadly there's no commentary video yet — you'll have to hit up Tommy Toe Hold for that. But for now, praise the lord. EA Sports UFC 2 still has glitches.

This one is easily my favourite so far.


    That last one is a classic!

    I love this game, the fights are epic and the dynamic KO’s are the best.

      Something you'd see in a 80's action movie, dislocates his own shoulder just to take out his opponent. Pure dedication right there

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