Never Stop Rapping Over Nintendo Soundtracks, Drake

Never Stop Rapping Over Nintendo Soundtracks, Drake

The past few days have been hugely important for the Drake fans among us. They have been even more hugely important for the Nintendo game-loving Drake fans among us.

The weekend was a major event for the latter group because, as Kill Screen editor Clayton Purdom noted this morning, it's the second time this year that the Canadian musician has rapped about his feelings over a beat born from Nintendo:

In case you're not up to speed on recent events in the life of Aubrey Graham: last week Meek Mill, a fellow rapper and current jealous boyfriend of Nicki Minaj, started attacking Drake on Twitter and accusing him of not writing his own lyrics for some petulant reason. Drake remained silent about these accusations for a few days before dropping a handful of new songs on his record label's YouTube channel. "Charged Up" got the most attention because it's a diss track responding to Meek Mill. But "Cha Cha" is the song that might sound a tad more familiar to Super Mario World players. It samples the stage select music used in Super Mario World's secret Star Road levels:

Technically this doesn't count as a wholly original sample, since "Cha Cha" is just a remix of D.R.A.M.'s original song of the same name. But at the same time, Drake deserves some recognition for his video game deep cuts. Earlier this year on the mixtape If You're Reading This It's Too Late, he sampled David Wise's song "Haunted Chase" from the soundtrack to the 1995 game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's quest...

...for his song 6 God:

Is it just a coincidence that the biggest rapper in the game right now would use two different Nintendo samples in two different releases in one year? Maybe, probably. But the Mario Kart-playing Drake believer in me likes to think that Drizzy's next album is taking so long because he's still having trouble finding a final gold star or two.


    Meek Mill, ... started attacking Drake on Twitter and accusing him of not writing his own lyrics for some petulant reason

    non-head detected. let's keep talking about nintendo and leave the hip hop out of it, yeah?

    Last edited 28/07/15 3:38 pm

    Remember the good old days when rappers beefing meant some bodies might hit the floor? Now it's just emoji's getting dropped.

    Mario might be super, but I'm super duper with a big tuper

    Lol @ drake being down with nintendo music, Nineteen85 produced the track so maybe he is. But drizzy? He's busy arguing with his well-payed ghost writers and being friend zoned by Sarina Williams

    Congrats on sounding like a douche.
    Oh u a 'real head' ..dawg. Fo sho

    Anyone remember Kirby feat. Snoop Dogg?

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