New Shmup Lets You Fly, Or Shoot, But Not Both

New Shmup Lets You Fly, Or Shoot, But Not Both

Aerobat is a shmup with a difference: you can charge your engines, or fire your weapons, but you can only do one of them at a time.

Which sounds nuts until you see the bobbing gliding and weaving in the trailer above.

Argh, it looks so good.

It's coming for PC, and you can help Greenlight it here.

(via RPS)


    How Sonic games should be! ~ FAST!

      If they could incorporate the idea behind the new Sonic Runners game for mobile into a proper console/PC game i would actually get back into Sonic.

      Just cut out all the stupid purchase stuff and roulette wheels.

    The effects on this game look AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING

      I second this. Based purely off the video alone it has very meaty effects. The notion of speed, the particle effects and dispersion due to the apparent speed, the camera shake at shot and the heavy hitting shot sound just given a nice weight to everything.

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