Rust Might Make You A Woman, Whether You Want It Or Not

Rust Might Make You A Woman, Whether You Want It or Not

First Rust messed with your skin. Then your dicks. Now you might not have a dick at all, even if you wanted one.

The indie survival game, which has recently been toying with the idea of randomly-assigned character appearance (the player's race and penis size are chosen for them by the game), is soon going to be choosing player's gender for them as well.

The change is coming as part of an impending update, which will add "cosmetic items and Steam Inventory integration, strong female characters models, wood & bone armour sets, and a freelook mode."

"To clear up some confusion, when it does go live you won't get a choice of whether you're female or male", says Garry Newman, lead dev on the game. "We're not "taking the choice away" from you. You never had a choice. A man's voice coming out of a woman's body is no more weird than an 8 year-old boy's voice coming out of a man's body."

He's got a point. Especially with the "you never had a choice" in the first place bit.


    Too true, it's never worried me that my Rust character is black (I'm white). You never actually look 'at' your avatar realistically and gender will make zero impact on the game.

      You're not white you're Australian.

        My culture is Australian, my genetics have made me white :P

          Australian doesn't have a culture you Australoid.

            I'm pretty sure the only people who are genetically "Australian" are aboriginal people.

              Nah, they came from somewhere else too. They just got here before us.

                They interrupted the inevitable evolution of intelligent kangaroo people. I'm glad the movie Tank Girl exists, to give us a fantastic insight into an alternate future where deadly Kangaroo-men rule the night.

            By definition, being Australian means you are of the 'Australian culture'. Culture is defined as the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society. Unfortunately most of those seem to rely on the belief they have to be 'Ocker' or 'Bogan...

      character is black

      I therefore assume you're going around killing stuff with your 10 inch penis?

    I for one hope my white straight privileged mae gets made into a female.
    He has a comicly small dong.

    So guys who play this can look forward to having a vagina to play with in the soon to come future, or perhaps they will desex/debreast woman...

    I'd love to see more games that randomly generate an avatar for you unless the gender/race/sexuality is actually integral to the storyline. I feel like straight white male is the default simply because it's blandly inoffensive to the majority of people, even if the majority of that majority are completely indifferent.

    If it's randomised because it's not important, it will stop that kind of thing feeling so overwhelming to everyone else. And if you are a straight white male who finds the fact you might randomly play as something different offensive, you'll hopefully reflect on why you feel that way.

    Last edited 20/07/15 12:12 pm

      I don't get the idea that I automatically feel more comfortable playing as my demographic.
      I certainly felt like I had more in common with April Ryan from TLJ than most super badass white guys I'm meant to admire.

      Making the choice for the player randomly seems like it'd still annoy people. Wouldn't customisation options be a better solution? A lot of people like to put themselves into the game, regardless of their gender or ethnicity.

      I guess I just can't see what forced randomisation would solve that full customisation hasn't solved already.

        It's just a design choice. I guess it is just another feature that the developers have put in to try and distinguish the game from the sea of pc survival games out there.

        It will also be quite an interesting social experiment seeing if any groups go out hunting down specific people or making small towns exclusively for one gender or skin colour.

    Automatically assigning something from the beginning is one thing. However having everything change due to an update is a bit bullshit.

      We’re not “taking the choice away” from you. You never had a choice.

        Just like in real life !

          Geeze I hope abbott doesn't start introducing random sex changes!

        Yeah but I would imagine people become attached to their characters at least a little. Randomly changing peoples characters every few months would be annoying.

        They should have had character generation ready as one of the first parts of the game if they were planning to use a system like this.

        Last edited 20/07/15 3:59 pm

    Cool. If it's an intended part of the game then you're supposed to accept it and see how it informs the experience. This works both ways, though; consider how depictions of gender actually inform the game as opposed to inaccurately pretending that everything you don't have a choice over is prejudiced. Have some dignity.

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