So, Trove Seems Pretty Popular

Briefly: So, Trove seems pretty popular. I had hoped to do a First Five of Trion Worlds' free-to-play voxel-powered MMO, but with my login queue time hovering around an 50 minutes for the better part of an hour, my blocky adventure shall have to wait.


    Big fan of Minecraft and similar games but I actually found Trove to be very average.

    Trion... Urg

      Hm? What's wrong with Trion? I played their game Rift and thought they did an amazing job with it - even after the F2P conversion.

        Rift was great but they've dropped the ball with every mmo since

          Hm. Doing some research into why a company I like is so reviled... From what I can see 'every' mostly relates to ArcheAge. (Which was never on my radar because fuck PVP, yo.)

          That's gotta be tough, though... they were only localization, god only knows how much of 'their bad decisions' were actually directives handed down by the property-owner.

        yeah Rift was fantastic.. but for the past year or two they've been dropping the ball with it and everything else.

    Yeh.. Trove vs Cubeworld for "fun" factor.. Cubeworld wins.. for size of community and "completeness" Trove wins.. the problem is that Cubeworld is where the fun is at.. For some reason, despite the two games looking almost identical with almost identical formats, Cubeworld is just more fun..

    This is what Cubeworld could have been, be we were all suckers and Wally stole our money and gave us a half made game, guess I'll have to buy this to get the other half.

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    Is this an article about a login queue?

    For Shame.

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