I Snagged Five Minutes With Trove Before The Servers Went Down

After waiting to log in for the better part of an hour I finally got five minutes with free-to-play voxel building MMO, Trove. On the sixth minute the servers were brought down.

In some form of beta or another for quite some time, Trion Worlds’ massively multiplayer take on Minecraft officially launched last week, and with any visually striking free-to-play game released on Steam, it’s been swamped since. Queues are long, even during non-peak hours. Trion says they’re working to relieve the problem — knowing my luck that’s why the servers were brought down this morning.

Still, I made it. I took my first steps as a gunslinger-type, erected my hovel, killed some bees and perused some ads. A good time was had by all, followed by loud cursing.


  • I haven’t had any trouble launching it. Does the Steam version launch the Glyph launcher or is it purely Steam? I’ve been playing on and off since the alpha due to the disappointment over Cubeworld. It’s a fun distraction for a while.

  • I played it for about twenty minutes without server issues… but that was probably 15 minutes too long. REALLY didn’t grip me. Uninstalled pretty quick.

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