The Australian Developer Recording Himself Making A Video Game

In a strange sense we're used to watching video games being made — behind the scenes documentaries, development diaries. But how representative is that? Does that reflect the majority of games being made today in Australia?

Probably not.

The developer diaries we're used to are usually recorded in large studios, with large teams and big budgets. But most games being made locally are being made by small teams, and a good number of those games are being made in bedrooms.

Michael Vansleve, the man behind Armitage Games, is currently creating a game known as 'Project Longsword' and he's attempting to document the process of making this game warts and all. It's a very real, authentic look at what it looks like to make a game in Australia in 2015 and I'm finding it really compelling.

We've covered Michael's work on Project Longsword before, but the project has progressed quite a bit since that point. He's quit his job to focus full-time and he's well into the making of the game. You can watch all of his videos here, which range from proper, fully edited episodes to more stream of conscious vlogs. I think what Michael is doing is super brave and interesting. More people should be paying attention to be quite honest.

It's been especially enlightening to see the valleys and troughs of game design. So much of the work seems to be done in bursts, with months of difficult, trialling work being offset by months where progress seems almost effortless. Good luck to Michael. Can't wait to see how the game turns out.

Also: my favourite quote: "FUCK IT, SCHEDULES ARE FOR CHUMPS."

Top notch. Honestly these are really watchable and well put together. Fully recommended.


    Thanks for the reminder! I really liked this last time it was mentioned on Kotaku, but then I forgot all about it.

    This is pretty sweet. A cool reminder of all the effort that goes into creating our hobby.

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