Watch This Incredible 683 Batman: Arkham Knight Combo

Racking up high combo counts in Batman: Arkham Knight is super fun, but I suck. I get too involved in the mashing of buttons and [fart noise].

Sean Mitchell doesn't suck. Quite the opposite. Watch him rack up a 683 combo and marvel at how easy he makes it look.

It's not easy. It's hard. Really hard. I remember trying to get achievement on the 360 version of Arkham Asylum and really, really struggling to get combos upwards of 20!


    There are attempts even higher than this
    such as this one for x735

    Impressive but it wasn't a world record haha. Someone somehow did better

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    Is there a reason his combo is going up 3 points at a time?

      If you hit successive critical hits/time it well it'll increase by more than one per hit

    I remember getting stuck on the Professor Pyg boss fight for a while because it glitched out and I think I got about 550 hits against the dollotrons just to see if there was an achievement for it. I was bummed when nothing popped, but man it was a nice stress relief to be so awesome against enemies that just wouldn't stop coming.

    Technically not 683 hits, 683 POINTS yes... but he's getting multipliers. So it's more in the realm of 220-250 or so.

    This is why I love Arkham's combat. He's essentially just mashing attack with good timing and ignoring counters in the beginning but it still looks super cool. He's going for this basic, quick, low-risk playstyle in order to get a super high combo and yet it comes out looking fantastic. He's obviously got skill because his timing is great and his targeting in the end is spot on, but in a lot of ways it's like watching someone use Ryu with nothing but Hadoukens and somehow produce a DragonballZ looking fight.

    I think the best I've done is 31 in that challenge.. but I've only just started playing.,

    man I get stressed just worrying about losing a combo of 30. This thing must have been heart attack city.

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