What Was The Best Boss Fight From The Batman Arkham Games?

What Was The Best Boss Fight From The Batman Arkham Games?

We’ve gotten four good Batman games in the last six years, each one bigger and more ambitious than the last. They have all pit players against The Dark Knight’s evil enemies in dramatic set-piece showdowns. Let’s see which one you thought was the best.

Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight all boast at least one awesome encounter with a member of Batman’s rogues gallery. Whether it’s the Poison Ivy boss fight in Asylum, the brawl with Bane in Origins or one of the reckonings in Arkham Knight, these moments stay in players’ heads long after they have finished the game. So, now that the last Batman game for the foreseeable future is out, it’s time to tell us which boss fight was best.

Make your case in the comments below and tell us the Bat-boss you think is most memorable. Got special circumstances that made your particular fights even harder, like doing them after coming home from a wild party? Let us know that, too! If you’re calling out anything from Arkham Knight, please be courteous and give a big ol’ spoiler warning.


      • yes i should clarify –

        The concept, the you can’t hide from him forever thing is great, not to mention the even better idea that you can only use the same tactic against him once.

        I am saying no mainly due to my frustration, I am not the most quick thinking and adaptive player so it took me many, many tries to get through it.

        Without being frustrated by it, it’s actually one of the best ones in the series.

        • Yeah, for some reason I really suck at stealth, so it frustrated me too. I was frustrated at myself, though, not at the game.

          • See, that’s the difference between us. When playing I often think if any frustration arises it must be caused by the game, not myself – the greatest player in the world. :p

  • I haven’t played Origins, but the Arkham games didn’t really reach good quality with their boss fights. Eventually cutting them out of Arkham Knight.

    I really liked the Mr. Freeze battle, however I was immediately turned off when Batman brings up a window of all different types of attacks I needed to do. Making the fight kinda pointless.

    So I guess I’m going with the Ra’s fight because they got creative.

    • I agree entirely with you about the Mr. Freeze battle, except I had loads of fun with it because due to my incredible tunnel vision I never noticed the window until multiple attempts and probably close on an hour of fighting. (I have incredible tunnel vision when playing games) I was just trying to discover all the different ways of taking him down and had him down to 1 last hit but couldn’t find the last one then I saw the window and realized you could use your cape. HAHAHA.

      But the best boss fight might have to be Solomon Grundy or the various scarecrow sequences.

    • I’ve played through that game a couple of times, and I don’t think I’ve ever had it give me hints about that fight. Just checked on YouTube and couldn’t see anything either. Maybe a difficulty setting?

    • I think by Knight they realised boss sequences were the way to go rather than boss fights. I liked a few of the bosses and I certainly didn’t hate any of them, but when I look back on Asylum Scarecrow’s gas sequences were more memorable than Joker’s Titan fight. It’s funny, in a game with outstanding moment to moment gameplay the stuff that really stuck with me wasn’t the stealth or brawling, but the simple things like walking down that long hallway in Asylum.

  • Electrocutioner!

    😛 Actually kinda half serious, as I’m more interested in the story than the mechanics.

  • Spoiler warning…… Well, not really. Think everyone already knows the Riddler’s in Arkham Knight. But beating him was easily the best, because once you do, you don’t have to listen to those incredibly annoying announcements anymore.

  • Mr Freeze was easily the best.
    Anyone complaining that it was too easy because the game gave you hints should maybe play the game on a harder difficulty and turn the hints off…. I had great fun in that fight without having anything ruined for me.

  • I actually really enjoyed fighting Firebug in Origins. I think the edge probably goes to Mr Freeze, though, for the idea more than the hand-holding execution.

  • Mr Freeze in Arkham City is THE BEST boss fight hands down. Not being able to rely on the same method to win made you actually think and plan out ideas in advance to trap him instead of him trapping you.

  • It’s not really a boss fight, but I had a lot of fun in the GCPD in Origins dropping down into the room full of SWAT members and taking them all out. It took me ages. I was really sad when the game didn’t acknowledge it.

  • Mr Freeze in Asylum, and Deathstroke (on HARD) in Origins. Both were really fun.

  • Not the best series for bosses (Metal Gear), but I did like Killer Croc in Asylum, Mad Hatter in City, and Firefly and the first Bane fight in Origins. For Knight:
    the drill fight was pretty intense. Just a shame there were so many tank battle boss fights.

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