Years Later, ZombiU Is Hitting PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Years Later, ZombiU Is Hitting PS4, Xbox One, And PC

There have been rumours of Ubisoft porting the excellent Wii U launch title ZombiU to other platforms for a while, but now it’s official: Zombi (no more u!) arrives digitally on August 18.

Ubisoft dropped a trailer online this morning:

It looks like…ZombiU. That’s not a bad thing, mind you, since ZombiU was not only a terrific showcase for what made the Wii U unique, but it was a terrific and scary zombie game, too. In the Wii U version, inventory management happened on the GamePad and there was no way to pause the game, so switching items or healing meant you opened yourself up to zombie attacks.

Obviously, these versions won’t have GamePad support, and it’s not clear how Ubisoft has (or hasn’t) modified the game. The trailer is full of busted up zombie heads, but light on details. We won’t have to wait very long to find out the rest, though! I cannot wait to play this game again!


  • I’m glad that more people get to play this game (I loved it at WiiU’s launch), but can’t help but feel that the game would lose a lot of it’s uniqueness from not having the gamepad. Not to mention the super fun local multiplayer would have to be completely remade (if not cut altogether)

    Hope Ubisoft found a way around it.

    • The control pad and it’s non-gimmicky, functional use in the game was one of the biggest highlights. Best practical use of the WiiU remote I’ve seen to date – the inventory management and motion controls in particular. Also finding Pow’s and Shiggy’s zombie wandering outside my safehouse with bug out bags full of goodies was also a highlight. =)

  • I didn’t enjoy it but I know some people really liked it, luckily I only paid $6 for it.

  • Loved Zombi U. Has plenty of flaws, but nailed the atmosphere like craaaazy. So fun to strategically take on the zombies. Divide and conquer and all that. Only made the unfair parts where they lock doors and have you swarmed for no reason all the more painful. Still recommend it if you’re a fan of the genre!

    • I was going to say this. Swapping weapons in Destiny was a pain in the arse before the companion app.

  • Any word on pricing? I love me a bit of zombie action, but will depend on price given it’s a port of a game that’s a few years old now. I guess if it’s too expensive I’ll just keep playing The Witcher 3 and pick this up later when it’s on sale.

  • Oh man. ZombiU was my favorite WiiU thing ever. Keen to see how they make it work without the WiiU controller. Admittedly a companion app could serve the same purpose, but it was nice having it all on the same controller – physical controls, screen, motion controls, etc.

    Excited either way!

  • Loved this game on Wii U, but the limited FOV and the camera movements gave me splitting headaches while playing it… *fingers crossed* the PC version allows FOV manipulation either via a menu setting or an INI hack.

  • im glad to see so many positive comments on zombiu i thought most negative reviews were unfair, some supposedly negative points are tropes of the survival horror and really didnt make any sense to highlight them especially when zombiu implemented them so well.

    alot of people complain that the zombie genre is bloated but i cant think of many zombie/survival games (especially on consoles) that are very good so im quite happy with new zombie games coming out in the hopes of finally getting one thats any good. Zombiu is the best so far because of the setting and the resource management which was implemented incredibly well on the gamepad, the coming back to life as a new character/zombification of your old and being quite weak in front of a group of zombies and having to strategically work out how to tackle each group. Also the story was at a minimum and quite suggestive and required thinking about instead of something like dying light which was riddled with cliches and corny one liners.

    im not sure how the Zombi version will compare to zombiu, i have a feeling it wont live up to it but would like to be surprised because if it is better, because it will be building on something that is already great.

    • One thing I loved about it (and probably said a million times on here) was how well it did tension. And so often all the scariness was entirely in my head. Like there was one part where there was a big dark room with a pit of zombies beneath the boardwalk I was on, and the bridge I had to cross had dirt and stuff falling near it so I thought as soon as I step onto it, it’s going to collapse and I’m going to get dropped into that hellpit, and I spent so long procrastinating and not wanting to cross. Then finally I did it… and nothing happened.

      And there were plenty of other times like that too. So often I’d just have to pause the game and go do something else for a little while to take a breather.

      So so good.

  • I’ll try to call it now- This game will be a massive flop for a whole bunch of reasons:

    1. The best, most interesting feature and sales point for this game will be missing.
    2. It’s a WiiU launch game that didn’t review particularly well and time is never kind to launch reviews. People get all excited about the new hardware and tend to overstate how good things are (see Perfect Dark Zero).
    3. There’s much more competition in the zombie market on these consoles. Xbone owners already have Dying Light, Dead Rising 3, State of Decay and the Resident Evil remake among others.
    4. I have a theory that WiiU owners tend to have a massive positivity bias towards WiiU exclusives, particularly if they’re 3rd party and not terrible. A title like this that’s “pretty good” according to WiiU owners and passible according to reviewers is probably not going to hold up against the Dying Lights’ on the market.

    Just my two cents. I could be wrong.

    • I agree it will probably be a flop due to marketing and its up against the stacks of other zombie games like last of us and dying light, the latter of which look very ‘next gen!ish’ and the former being very cinematic and iconic which is generally popular.

      I think I would have enjoyed this game on PC or PS4 even if it wasn’t release on the WiiU and would have praised it just as much (although I think the gamepad was what really delivered the survival element of the game) so im not sure I agree with WiiU owners having a positivity bias. For example are absolutely trashing Devil’s Third, and some of their arguments are over the top as they’re exaggerating by saying it has “PS2” visuals while Kotaku especially noted how they aren’t PS2 quality (not sure if this was in reaction to nintendolife or not).
      I think the real reason people have a positive attitude towards 3rd part wiiu exclusives is because they tend to be good. Although you could argue the opposite as Nintendolife praise xenoblade chornicles x while kotaku seemed a bit luke warm about it, yet still they seem quite positive about it.

      • All fair enough points, it’s certainly not a science.

        I think that lots of console owners are inherently fanboys, and when a console cops as much shit as the WiiU that tends to exacerbate it as people get defensive.

        That combines with a lack of releases to take attention away from even AA 3rd party titles and the fact that WiiU titles tend to get a lot of coverage even if they don’t review outstandingly (Splatoon)…. And the end result is a pretty average game that wouldn’t be a blip on the radar of the other consoles.

        I really think Zombie-not-U is the worst case scenario though, in that it’s part of a crowded genre on the other machines and wasn’t exactly acclaimed for its innovation beyond the seconds screen usage. A game like Xenoblade or even Splatoon on the other platform? People would be much more excited for that.

  • Loved the game, for both its single player and multiplayer segments. Both of which were radically different from one another… but both really excellent. Since chances are the multiplayer mode will be dropped it looks like the port will only be half a game… I certainly hope the price will reflect it being half a port of a game from 2012.

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