A Better Look At How The Wii U Controller Works In ZombiU

One of the hardest things to communicate about ZombiU is the way the Wii U's new controller is integrated into the game. In the first part of this "making of" documentary from Ubisoft, executive producer Guillaume Brunier walks us through the basic setup of the game (roguelike-like-meets-Demon's Souls) and show how the touch-screen is used.

Lock-picking in this game is some tense business, I tell ya.



    WiiU is going to do well when all it has are remakes or sequels. Is there anything original coming out for it..?

      i heard of this game called zombiu

        Yeah me too! Apparently its what they call a survival horror game. You know, like the one's everyone complains we dont see enough of these days?

        It's a remake.


          From a game so old it might as well be a new ip lol
          I know i'd never heard of Zombi before the Wii U edition. I'm really liking how this looks, reminds me of Res Evil 2 only in first person!

          Not really. Unlike you, I've actually played Zombi, and beyond the die, return as someone else, kill to get stuff back system it appears to have very little in common. It's kind of a sequel, in a spiritual sense, but only an idiot would call it a remake.

            It's a remake.

              honestly, the dumbest thing I ever heard. I suppose if it was called Zombies U it would be a rip off of Zombi? Such is the similarity...

    It's a shame I'm not interested in the WiiU because it's control and the way they developed it for this already awesome looking game looks fantastic. I'm really impressed!

      They were considering porting it to the 360's windows phone integration thingy

    I don't get it. Is it an open world survival or one with linear missions? It still looks awesome though.

    Hopefully they make the controller more stable, it's so light and easy to break. I can see a lot of complaints from people that drop in and crack the screen in the near future

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