Wondering What Total War: Warhammer Looks And Plays Like?

A new walkthrough video gives a look at the units, leaders and gameplay of the mash-up strategy title.


    Wow. Cant wait for this... might fire up rome II this weekend.

    I always get the feeling GW hold alot back from their video game licensing because they would prefer people to play this on the tabletop.

    But man this looks spectacular and I do love Total War games.

      Never cared at all for the tabletop but man did i love Dawn of war and space marine and mark of chaos

        That's the thing I don't think the audiences overlap or when they do are exclusive.

        That being said as much I'd like to play it, I have neither the time, space or cash to do so.

    System reqs?

    Better than you currently have...

    Haven't been a PC gamer in years... This may well change that. Wow!

      Thats my feeling and situation, as long as the specs aren't super high.

    Never really got into Warhammer... never really got into Total War... This game might change that!

    Looks promising. Hopefully they get enough time to keep working on it and deliver on the promise shown!

    Absolutely cannot wait to play this. Looks like a mash up wet dream.

    That spider just straight up swallowing a dude whole and spitting out the shield was pretty brutal and this looks dope.

    I've never played one of these games, but it looks like the front dudes are fighting, and the majority of them are standing there doing nothing.

    Is that normal for this series?

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