Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Coming To Source 2 "At Some Point" Like DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is looking mighty fine ever since the Reborn beta — the Source 2 version — launched, but it might not be the only Valve game to get an upgrade.

DOTA 2's massive success and continued growth is certainly something to be proud of, but it's not the only Valve property aiming for bigger and better things. Problem is, while DOTA 2 is enjoying tournaments and crowdfunding campaigns of gargantuan proportions, fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have been wondering when they might get an International — or similar quality of life updates published for the free-to-play MOBA — of their own.

Erik Johnson, head of business development at Valve, told IGN that the iconic first-person shooter was "growing". "I'm sure it'll end up on Source 2 at some point," Johnson is quoted as saying.

The audience for CS:GO and DOTA 2 on Steam is bigger than the total number of users Steam had a couple of years ago, according to figures released by SteamCharts founder James Gray.

SteamSpy figures place CS:GO's total user base at just over 15.3 million, although it's not known how many of those users own multiple accounts (although the prevalence of that would be much lower than DOTA 2, which is free-to-play).

Johnson also moved to quell growing rumours that CS:GO might get an International-style tournament, telling IGN that they were "pretty comfortable with different projects taking different approaches to solve similar problems". "In some ways, you want to diversify a bunch of decisions across different projects because you zero in on the right answer quickly," he added.

It's worth noting that the current tournament structure for CS:GO — where events are wholly run by third-party organisations such as ESEA, ESL, Dreamhack and, locally, sites like Cybergamer — mirrors what was in place when earlier versions of the game spiked in popularity around the turn of the century.

Valve has moved to support CS:GO tournaments in the past through the sale of in-game items and stickers, but a fully crowdfunded, gargantuan annual event like The International appears to be off the radar for now.


    Valve has moved to support CS:GO tournaments in the past through the sale of in-game items and stickers, but a fully crowdfunded, gargantuan annual event like The International appears to be off the radar for now.

    TI isn't fully crowd funded, Valve puts up 1.6 million for the prize pool along with hiring the venue, flying teams over, running it etc. Fans just add to the prize pool and we didn't even do that for the first 2.

    As a fan of watching both games, I don't think CS needs a tournament like TI. TI is amazing but it does over shadow the rest of the tournaments which Valve is trying to address by having 4 major tournaments (3 not run by Valve) so the focus isn't entirely on TI. I would rather see several big tournaments a year than just one massive one.

      True. It's a bit of a misnomer, because while Compendium purchases are a 75/25 split to Valve/the prize pool, it'd be a bizarre scenario where that extra revenue wasn't somehow redirected towards running the event/paying for accommodation/venue hire/talent hire/transport/so on and so forth.

      I'm with you though. Part of the fun of CS is how much it's in a state of flux; upsets, roster changes, tournaments across the world weeks from each other etc. Centralising it into something larger, but less frequent, wouldn't feel right.

      I think the fans just want to see that amount of money come their way -- especially since they're just as happy to drop money on keys, cases, skins and stickers to help fund events.

    then the servers will only be 0.3 tick. perfect... all rounds fired wont just exit the server and disappear entirely... they will instead make you shoot yourself.. forever.

    Or just, you know, maybe make the game that should be the Source 2 launch title. Starts with H and ends with disappointment.

    A quality of life change for a game that is already standing tall on its own two feet.

    It makes me sad that we will never get HL3 Portal 3 or L4D3. Fun games like that were made by old Valve, and old Valve is dead. New Valve makes addictive games with microtransactions.

    So we have to buy that new csgo source 2 version or we will get update in our older csgo version ??

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