Few Video Games Look As Insanely Joyful As Super Mario Maker

Few video games look as insanely joyful as Super Mario Maker, the upcoming level-maker that's out September 11 for Wii U. Check out this new overview video for a look at customisable sound effects, Amiibo support, and other features in Nintendo's latest.


    And he so decreed: "Every sound shall be a fart sound, and it shall be good."

    The game looks amazing, it has all of the power to make any 2d Mario level, and so much more that I've never seen before (birthday rave?!).

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    so is this going to include 2 player co-op???

      Sadly, no. But I don't think it needs it.

        its a good thought for dicking around with a mate though.

        Still looks good

    I'm so planning on remaking Casltevania in this :D

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