GTA V Mod Swaps Harmless Blimps For Mass Effect’s Reapers

GTA V Mod Swaps Harmless Blimps For Mass Effect’s Reapers

Grand Theft Auto V resident berdu captures a Reaper creepily hovering over Los Santos, thanks to a new mod that infuses a little Mass Effect into Rockstar’s game.

JJxORACLE created the mod, though it’s currently in beta. It replaces the blimp currently floating around the game. The Reaper doesn’t have any collision detection, though, so you’ll pass right through it and sometimes it will disappear entirely.

God damn.

People are already coming up with some excellent ideas for JJxORACLE to play with, too.

Yes, please.


  • I want a Mass Effect total conversion for GTA V so bad, just one big battlefield where you do battle with the other factions would be sick.

  • Seeing this kind of mod makes me want to jump back into the ME universe. Given all the utterly pointless re releases this year it makes me wonder why there hasnt been any word of one for the ME trilogy. It would be the first hd re release I would actually buy

    • There were rumours that they were working on one, but it wasn’t going to be simply a port to the new consoles. I believe there were suggestions of improving ME1s combat to be more in line with ME3 before rereleasing

      • I remember that rumour from when the ps4 and xbone were first released. Nothing since doesnt fill me with hope.

        • To be honest , it would be easy for EA to simply port it to the new consoles and make a quick guaranteed buck. Given they haven’t done so yet, they might actually be taking their time with it.

          Although I do believe the Mass Effect games will be apart of the Xbone backwards compatibility thing.

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