Instant Replay Tries To Undo Rocket League Goal

Instant Replay Tries To Undo Rocket League Goal

Looks like a pretty standard Rocket League goal, right? I bet ObservedTrial is feeling good about himself, ready to bask in the glory of a replay. Thing is, the replay goes way horribly awry.

One would expect a replay to completely match what you saw while playing the game, but that's not what happens here. ObservedTrial experienced a network connection error as the replay kicked into gear, and somehow the game lost the ability to recreate the goal.

So rather than seeing his, you know, goal, this is what shows up for ObservedTrial:

Instant Replay Tries To Undo Rocket League Goal

The replay presents an alternate reality where the goal never happened.

Of course, the goal did happen, and it's properly credited when the game picks up again.

Still, hilarious and amazing.


    Wasn't this already shown in the highlight reel? Running out of things to put up?

    I remember playing Worms 1 back in the day and there was a time that I made the PC screw up a replay. Originally the CPU killed 2 of my worms, but mashing space during the replay cancelled out his firing animation and the projectile blew up in his face!

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    I remember in RFactor watching a replay of a race win to check out my driving only to see in the replay my car clipping a wall and causing a major crash. Which of course didn't happen in the actual race!

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