It's Not Forza 5, It's GTA V

It's Not Forza 5, It's GTA V

As beautiful as these sweeping shots of expensive sports cars are, they're not from some slick Forza or Gran Turismo trailer. They're from a Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Editor video. Thanks mods.

RisingJake's clip looks so good for two reasons: First, it uses a number of existing, user-created fancy car models that bring licensed vehicles like a Lamborghini Aventador LP an Ferrari LaFerrari to the game.

Secondly, it uses "post processed video effects", which might take a little of the sheen off the video, since things won't look quite this nice in the actual game, but whatever, the models still look hot.


    @LukePlunkett I feel like comparing it to Forza 6 might be a more apt description, since Forza 5 came out nearly two years ago, and Forza 6 comes out next month. Actually i was reading that for some of the "mods" they have "borrowed" 3D models from Assetto Corsa & Project Cars. Naughty naughty modders.

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      meh, who cares about pcars?
      the more money they lose, the better.
      left soo many customers with an unplayable game, but are looking for more funding for another game?
      they should fix their first game, so people can actually play it.

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