Motherboard Writer Went To the Pokemon World Champs, And It Didn't End Well

Briefly: Motherboard writer Jason Koebler, a grown man who hasn't played Pokemon in years, went along to the Pokemon World Champs on the weekend and tried to play. It didn't end well.


    Bet it went better than the idiots who posted pics of a shot gun and AR on the car boot with the tag line, Boston here we come.

    Wtf is a motherboard writer.... Kotaku isn't giving us more sponsored articles again is it?

      I clicked on this hoping to find an enthralling story about how a guy who writes circuitry for PC motherboards caused some chaos at the pokemon world champs... :(

    It's in the hyperlink

    Last edited 25/08/15 11:58 pm

    Lol this sounds like one of those ads on Facebook.

    "Motherboard writer went and played Pokemon, you'll never guess what happened next!"

    This is still pretty pathetic, stuff like this is what I hate about Kotaku.

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