Oh, They're Just Defusing A Bomb Through The Floor

Oh, They're Just Defusing A Bomb Through The Floor

This isn't a new trick (it's over a decade old!), but it's still a good, clean look at a tactic that, while often outlawed competitively, is still awesome considering the teamwork and timing required.

(Below is a gfycat, so if you're on mobile and it's not auto-playing, just tap on the thumb and it will take you to the clip)

For history's sake, here's the famous 2006 move from Pubmasters that started it all.

It's worth noting that you won't see this trick at the upcoming ESL One event in Cologne though: de_nuke isn't part of the official map list, having fallen out of favour in tournaments for a while. Shame, really.


    People do this in Star Trek Online too. There's a 5-10 player fleet action where Romulan ships are caught in tractor beams and surrounded by enemies. The tractor beams are being projected from asteroids and you can just fly behind the asteroids, not visible to the enemies, and disable them from there (since you're technically "in range"). Turns what is semi-exciting fleet action to an incredibly easy but dull free-loot level. I just fight the enemies for fun while everyone else "does" the mission the cheese way nowadays...

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