Counter-Strike Pro Takes Bomb Site By Throwing His Sniper Rifle

Counter-Strike Pro Takes Bomb Site By Throwing His Sniper Rifle

In the ESL One New York 2016 semi-finals for CS:GO, European powerhouse Natus Vincere took a three game series against the previously unstoppable Team Liquid 2-1. Despite Ice-T telling everyone not to fuck with Team Liquid, NaVi dared to and came out the other side looking better than ever.

Perhaps the match's best moment came early in the third and final game when recent addition to the team, Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostylev, did something a bit unorthodox. Left in a 1 vs. 1 scenario against Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella with a wall between them on at bombsite B on Dust, S1mple flung his AWP sniper rifle over top of it before hopping across himself and catching his opponent utterly confused.

Counter-Strike Pro Takes Bomb Site By Throwing His Sniper Rifle

Every once in a while, a Counter-Strike player takes the game and transforms it into something more with brief instant of intuitive brilliance. While not as ridiculous as throwing a gun to block a sniper shot, it's certainly up there in the pantheon of clutch plays. Most chilling of all is how S1mple executes the trick-play without showing an ounce of hesitation.

You can watch the rest of the ESL One CS:GO tournament here.


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