Counter-Strike Player Wins Match By Throwing Grenade At Rifle

Counter-Strike Player Wins Match By Throwing Grenade At Rifle

That’s some serious teamwork.

In the video below, Galore S00K and a friend manage a trick shot so absurd that I (and a handful of others, evidently) can’t help but wonder if it was a fix. Observe:

Yep. He tosses a grenade, drops his AWP just so, and lets gravity (or the defiance thereof) do the rest. Seconds later, it’s in his pal’s hands — just in time to catch the last terrorist rounding a corner. Clearly, they’d practiced this setup a bunch, but was the other team in on it? I hope not. I mean, it’d still be impressive, but if this wasn’t scripted, it’s goddamn amazing.


  • Sorry if I’m being Mr Thickie, but what just happened?

    EDIT: Thanks for the replies. That’s fantastic! Seems a bit like grenade-jumping in Borderlands but way more advanced.

    • He drops a grenade on the ground, then drops his gun (an AWP, one of the most powerful guns in the game) at the precise moment the grenade detonates. This flings the gun across the map to his teammate, who has nothing but a pistol. His teammate picks up the gun just as the last enemy comes around the corner, and pops him in the head to win the round.

      It’s an impossible stunt, but they did it – very cool.

        • The maximum damage a grenade can do to a player with armor in CS is less than 100 (only 57 according to the wiki in fact), so you can survive standing directly on a grenade if you have full health.

    • Normally you can only throw the guns a short distance when you drop them, however an explosive grenade will move objects around it like guns a long way. He used the grenade to act as a way to propel the gun a way bigger distance to his mate sitting on the bombsite and then win the round.

  • Cool trick but my goodness that video is obnoxious. Excessive motion blur, terrible musak, dramatic camera angles… just give us the damn clip.

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